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[V] IdolNinja Jan 23, 2014 @ 12:48pm
Saints Row IV Information HQ
Welcome Saints! We like to pay a little extra attention to PC and Steam at Deep Silver Volition whenever we can, so here is a collection of information for the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Saints Row IV Australia Low Violence version

Saints Row IV was initially refused a classification in Australia for two things: an optional Loyalty Mission (a character-specific side mission) that features drug use with positive effect -- something not allowed under board's current guidelines -- and a Season Pass weapon called the Rectifier. That weapon lets you get back at the Zin by using an Alien Anal Probe weapon on them and then launching them into the sky. We appealed this decision as it concerns a simulation in a video game, and situations that one would be unlikely to replicate in the real world. It was denied.

In order to still try and make the release date, or with as minimal a delay as possible pending approval processes, we had to cut this optional Loyalty Mission involving Shaundi. As such, the Australian version acts as a separate version of Saints Row IV and is not compatible in online co-op with the version available in other countries.

Gameplay-wise, for solo players or players who are fine with playing with Australian friends, this won't change much for the game as a whole. All of your main Homies can unlock Super Powers at some point, and this has not been altered. The cut mission also does not show how you -- the Player -- gets Super Powers; it only does so for Shaundi. In addition, the Season Pass in Australia will not include the Rectifier.

Other than what is listed above, Deep Silver and Volition have not changed anything to the game or how it functions.

The Australian release date was also delayed by one month due to these changes, and some of the Australian DLC has been slightly delayed as well.

What about New Zealand?

New Zealand is a country separate from Australia, outside of the reach of Australia's classification board. If you have to ask, you are probably not from New Zealand. In that case, you should watch Tongan Ninja.

Why did it unlock on Steam at different dates across the world? Isn't it all digital?

It is bits and bytes, but in North America retailers like to release games on Tuesdays, and in Europe they are very keen on doing it on Fridays. A lot of people also like to buy PC games at retail in Europe, and sometimes even prefer it over Steam. The release of PC is also tied to the release of the console version. Hence why the Steam release date is tied to whenever a game hits stores in a region. Then again, you've probably noticed this in the last... 7+ years already.

Will this reality ever change? Perhaps, but we're not in a position to predict the future for the entire games industry.

What is in the Season Pass?

The Season Pass includes the two released mission DLCs "Enter the Dominatrix," and "How the Saints Save Christmas." The Season Pass also includes the aforementioned Rectifier as a bonus weapon for territories outside of Australia. You will be able to buy the Season Pass at any time, giving you all of that content at a discount. The Season Pass does not include any of the other smaller DLC packs.

This is where you ask: "Enter The Dominatrix? Wasn't that the Saints Row: The Third DLC that got turned into Saints Row IV?

Not exactly. There was a Saints Row IV in the works when Saints Row: The Third was released, and at some point the planned Enter The Dominatrix DLC was merged with it, and this single game became the Saints Row IV we have now.

The Enter The Dominatrix DLC for Saints Row IV is a tongue-in-cheek "Director's Cut" of sorts, about what could have been if it was originally released as a standalone expansion.

Why doesn't the Season Pass include everything?
There will be other DLC down the line. We wanted to offer a cheap option to people who just want the new mission content when it's released, while leaving the rest up to the players to decide. Instead of having a more expensive Season Pass that encompasses everything, you now have more choice to pick and choose what you want.

As you may have heard, Volition has free reign to support Saints Row modders[]. We are currently focusing on creating a SDK (Software Development Kit) for the community to support all the Saints Row PC games, including Saints Row IV. This will give players the tools to create new weapons, clothing, vehicles, npcs, and hopefully missions and world editing later down the road.

Can you mod your Saints Row IV? By all means go wild! We encourage our community to be creative with their game and use the existing alpha and community created tools that are already out there.

Since everyone involved is doing this in their free time, please be patient as we move forward step by step. As for things like Steam Workshop integration, this is something we know about and we'll see what the future brings.

I have trouble with my Saints Row account, HALP!
We ran into some user issues with accounts during Inauguration Station, largely a result of migrating the entire website and all systems and databases away from THQ.

Most of the account issues are easily fixed by our support team, thankfully.

If you have a problem logging in, forgot your password and never get a Forgot Password email, or another account problem: please email your Username and Registered Email Address to

Forgot the email address you registered with? No problem, just supply whatever you think can be useful information for our team to identify your account, and you as the account holder.

I am playing Saints Row IV and I found a bug!
Way to go! Your input is very valuable to us and will go a long way towards helping us find the root cause (and hopefully a fix!) If you run into any kind of bug, big or small, please first check the General Troubleshooting FAQ to see if we are already aware of it, and if there are any fixes.

If you are still having issues after reviewing the above FAQ, please create a new thread with a detailed explanation of the problem, and step by step how to reproduce it.
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