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happy Jan 13, 2014 @ 6:10am
some advice on future choice
hello all 21 avernum players!

i ve played one of these games a few years ago, and i enjoyed it, but something was lacking for me(not sure it was an avernum but it was from same studio)

i want to buy another one, but this time i want to fully enjoy it
so here i go

which one do you suggest?
i would like one where you control a party(the more characters i control , the happier i am)
i would also like to be able to choose a portrait for my main(the one i played, portraits were tied to class, and there were only 3 classes...)
the usual fantasy stuff works for me, but i enjoy controlling humanoids(i know theres one where you control minions, i don t fancy that)

i want top end graphics and shiny rockets on the side, no just kidding, i just want a good story and mature dialog(no real worries, i guess all avernum have that) and most important, freedom

thank you
Avernum 6 > General Discussions > Topic Details