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Game is slow???
I purchased this game not too long ago and finally decided to play it. I played this a lot on Dreamcast and played JSRF on xbox as well, but when i started the game it just seemed slow. I can't do things as fast as I would want to, and I don't know what the problem is. My computer is fine I've never had a problem running any game really (even newer releases) and I'm using a logitech dual action as an xbox 360 controller but I just can't run to full speed. Any suggestions?
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Mazefire Feb 4, 2013 @ 3:31pm 
What are your system specs?
Kent BLAZEmore Feb 4, 2013 @ 3:48pm 
win 7
intel i5@2.3ghz
AMD Radeon HD 6570M
Smathrar Mar 20, 2013 @ 1:20am 
you have 2 options i can think the free low quality option(A) or the expencive high quality option(B). A)See those numbers in the top ledt corner of the launcher make those lower.B)install a 1 or 2 4GB ram chips into you laptop/pc get a graphics card and voila.
Ch3W Mar 25, 2013 @ 7:41pm 
Whenever i have any framerate issues with a game i try updating my video card drivers. If the newest version doesn't fix the issue i roll back until it works. If you have 6gigs of ram no applications are slowing down the game. I have a i5 2500 8 gigs of ram and a radeon 5770 the game runs fine for me. Maybe try turning off or down anti aliasing and if that doesnt work i would suggest maybe getting a new video card. When purchasing a Radeon Graphics card for gaming never go under 600 so a 5600 6600 7600 etc. They are the highest end of the low profile cards and anything lower isn't really made for gaming.
VigorousJammer Apr 18, 2013 @ 11:36am 
Okay, this problem seems to be more than just "Yo, upgrade your system, fool"
I've got an i5 2500K Quad-Core @3.30GHz OC to ~4.0GHz
I've got a Radeon 6870HD with 1GB GDDR5
and I've got 8GB of DDR3 RAM, with a DRAM freq. of 668.6MHz.

I'm trying to run the game in 1920x1080 with 8x MSAA, but I'm only getting like... 10-15fps
The oddest part is, I used to get a solid framerate on this machine with the same exact settings.

I'm guessing like others have said it's just a drivers issue, but I seriously don't feel like rolling back to old drivers any time I want to play this game. Does anybody have a better solution?

Edit: Okay, so I tested the framerate using fraps, and the game is running at a steady 15fps, no fluxuation at all... it's almost like the game is frame limited to 15fps for some reason. There's nothing in the startup screen for "Vsync" or "frame limit" and I can't find an .ini file to see if I can manually change the settings (Likely because it's a port of a Dreamcast game and thus doesn't really have that kind of stuff.)
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Chaosvex May 1, 2013 @ 6:41pm 
Originally posted by ZombifiedDuder:

Try this:

It'll likely sort your FPS out.
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