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crash at start [SOLVED]
i downloaded the demo.as i try to play it just crashes.i did a little searching and i saw some guy suggested that uninstalling the .net 4.0 and installing the 4.5 instead would help but it didn't.and xna is installed too.any ideas? i really waited for this game
Viimeisin muokkaaja on farukyaylaz; 4.12.2012 kello 12.53
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Hello there,
Well it depends of many things actually...
there are some post about it here, but I can sum it up for you.

-Depends of what video card you have.
A laptop with Intel HD 3000/4000 or and Optimus Nvidia techno is a problem
You config need to be "XNA" ready (model shader 2.0, DirectX 10.1, Windows Vista or 7)
(it works on XP, but not officially)

-Depends if you have an Antivirus
Some mess up with the installation of netframework and XNA
Please disable anti virus at 100% if you install .net and xna

-Depends of your desktop resolution:
Use regular resolution for first boot (1 screen size) if you have a multi desktop.

-Depends of video codec pack and Windows media player version.
Please install WMP last verion (12..xxxxxxxxxx)

So many things actualy.

What is your system Spec/ configuration ?
If you have an issue, you need to give as much info as you can.
What exactly is happening when you start and crash.
well thank you for your helpfull comment :)
here are some hardwares of my system
i-5 3570 cpu
8 gb corsair vengeance ram
msi z77a g43 motherboard
xfx hd6850 graphic card
i have neither an Antivirus nor multi desktop.and my resolution is 1280*1024

when i double-click the game it does not even start.i keep seeing my desktop and en error pops up says "hell yeah stopped working."
Any other game works ?
Does game with XNA framework, works too ?

If you crash that fast without seeing any video :
Is you Windowmedi player is at the last version ? (please make sure)
Do you use any Codec pack ? (to play you know : Mkv, oog, etc...)
well..yeah i have many games works just fine right now within my pc.
but honestly i don't know whether XNA frameworks works fine or not because hell yeah is the first one that requires XNA.
i just checked updates and it said my windows medi player is the last version and there is no updates.
i use kmplayer and codecs that comes with it.
any ideas ? :D
well thank you for even trying bro :)
KMplayer ?
Would you be king enough to uninstall kplayer and it's suite of codec, and try the game again ?
I am trying to gather as much info as possible so it facilitate Arkedo patch process.
Please make sure you have a backup of your installer (Klayer)
There is a know bug with codec (k-lite) But i found a way to fix it.

This MAY work.
Sorry about the troubles
Can you provide me with a link to this software player you have so i can try it at home too ?
well apparently km-player was a non codec-required player and i didn't know that.however i uninstalled it anyway then tried the game.nothing changed it crashed the way it had crashed before.
but i provided you a link so maybe it helps a little:
this is direck download link of the latest version of The KMplayer:

and this is its homepage:
Yup I can confirm, I installed it, everything is fine.
K stands for Korean ?
I watched a video and there was Korean Subtitle.

Is you system language or/and keyboard in Korean ?
what? lol no :D i am from turkey :D
KMP media group info :
6. Documents for submission

A. Self introduction Cover Letter
B. Resume (English OR Korean)
C. Send to: kmplayer@facebook.com or kmpmedia1@gmail.com

Please email your resume in English or Korean only & resumes submitted without a cover letter will automatically be rejected. Thank you for your interest!
So it is ^_^
Viimeisin muokkaaja on OlivierJT; 7.10.2012 kello 8.14
Oky but what about your system language settings and keyboard, everything is in english ? or... ?
my system language and keyboard is all turkish
I know the game crash when users are using unusual font or character in their nicknames.
"farukyaylaz" is what you use for you steam account too or are you using special characters ?
your Heall yeah path is without unusual character too ?
Mine is D:\GAMES\Steam\SteamApps\common\Hell Yeah
For example
This is a test, not sure it works but it is easy to do :

Clic on HEALYEAH.exe and go to >Properties> Compatibility tab :
and check ON :

Disable visual themes
Disable desktop composition

If it doesn't change anything you could try also the settings in
"run this program in compatibility mode for :
XP service pack 3
Vista P2
or Win 7

We never know...
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