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EVEILMINION 2013年7月21日下午9:31
Half black screen?
Not sure why but the top half of my screen is completely black during story videos and the start up sega and maker thing, I was in the game fine but any idea what's up?
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RiptoR 2013年7月22日下午2:39 
Are you using SLI or Crossfire?
Syncourt 2013年7月23日上午6:44 
Same problem. No SLi or Crossfire here.
EVEILMINION 2013年7月23日上午7:59 
ya nither not sure what you mean by either >.<
Furlock O'Donnell 2013年7月23日上午9:46 
I have this too. Just bought the game yesterday and started playing today. Every video segment is cut off and half the screen goes black. Hoping we can get some news on this.
ronorra 2013年7月23日下午5:37 
Sadly the same problem here, and no SLI.Crossfire setup here. Was wondering if it was a codec issue but I only have the default WMP and VLC installed. I love the game but this has put me off playing it for now. A fix would be greatly appreciated.
Furlock O'Donnell 2013年7月23日下午6:01 
I agree, a fix would be lovely. Hopefully we can get one. I dunno how old the game is, though.
ronorra 2013年7月23日下午6:16 
And fixed! Apparently it was a Microsoft screwup (in hindsight not surprisingly since it's their modus operandi atm):

From Reddit (since it is a widespread issue with many games having this problem):

"KB2803821 (or KB 2834904 if you're using WinXP) was intended to fix a security problem with WMV video playback - but unfortunately it also breaks WMV playback so the upper half of your video is black.

Since many games use WMV videos for cut-scenes, this have caused problems for many gamers.

IF you see this problem then I suggest uninstalling KB2803821 and hiding it so it won't be automatically reinstalled.

You can uninstall it from Control Panel -> System and Security -> View installed updates (it's under Windows Updates) Search for KB2803821 in the list and right click it to uninstall it.

To hide the update you must set Windows Updates to notify you of updates, but not automatically install them.
This can be done from Control Panel -> System and Security -> Turn automatic updating on or off (it's under Windows Updates) and selecting "Download updates but let me choose whether to install them" or "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them"
Then open Windows Update and check for updates .. wait .. and open important updates, find KB2803821 and right click it and choose to hide it.

It will never bother you again.

If you don't have this problem just keep the security update installed and wait for Microsoft to make a proper working patch - it's safer. Also don't download WMV video from shady sites and don't use Internet Explorer because it will display WMV video on webpages - other browsers won't."

(Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/1iow6g/ )

Thanks to the people on Steam and Reddit posting it, so now I can finally fully enjoy some Hell Yea!
Furlock O'Donnell 2013年7月23日下午7:40 
Oh my god, thank you SO much for this.
having the same problem but with windows vista. any idea?
Mozex 2013年8月11日上午8:04 
Thx it works!!!!
GamerZocker HD 2013年8月12日上午12:10 
mein hell yeah funktioniert nicht mehr
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