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Do not buy this game
The company responsible wont answer message from customer that cannot even run the game check the other posts before making any purchases , i bought it 1 week ago on discount thanks god, if I spent full price on a game that does not even run and there is no customer care I would be very mad...
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It's not the devs fault your computer is weak
Normally I would have some sympathy, but in this case there is a downloadable demo that you should have tried before paying for the game.
My computer runs the game just fine.
Idiot try the demo first next time and stop useing a toaster for a pc
Well, I don't know... I have a single core CPU: AMD Athlon 3800+, 2.5 GB RAM and I can play this game just fine. Also, my GPU is AMD Radeon 6570 HD and I have no FPS issues. I've also managed to play the demo on an ATi Radeon 3650 HD on my old notebook. No problems at all, no even once.
i can play the demo with no problems i have a acer notebook E1-571 i5 3210m intel HD 4000 graphics 8gb ram windows 8 64 bit, the game looks good & the price is cheap...
Ahahah you fools , i got an https://www.asus.com/ROG/G75VW/ which is much more powerful than your average hamster, Secondly before posting this , i made other posts , tried to contact the company trough facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arkedo and waited far too long for answers before coming to advice my fellow gamers here , the game gets Stuck (At least for me) after loading of the intro scenes which is something i could not fix and could not find any direct help for .

Haters must hate , when i bought the game which was long time ago the demo was not available
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Moreover , Im reading news about Arkedo ( the company which produced Hell yeah in collaboration with Sega) that says that Arkedo in fact has stopped to produce video games ( http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/02/25/arkedo-studio-ceasing-game-development ) , which only means that this game most likely does not have customer support any more except from the game community members.
Get real and get informed before buying any games , i hope to those of you which came here just to blast me to get a bug near end game and get completely owned because of your ignorance . Gl hf
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Who's the fool here? The people who can run the game without a problem, or the guy with an asus g75 that doesn't know how to get this simple game to run? ;)

If anyone needed to be informed about the game it had to be yourself LOL don't proyect your ignorance on us son
Ok, i buy a game and it get stuck , im not the only one if you read more on the forum , there is nobody answearing any were so , as I said get real , I and hope u get a bug at end game so you will feel the rage of not having customer support in a game. Gl

p.s Roler42 now that i put all the sources you really look like a fool ;)
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j4960s 2013年4月20日 15時27分 
a guy showing off with his asus g75 vw that carn't even run a simple game in fact it's only a laptop with a high price i should know i had one i traded mine for a nvidia geforce gtx Titan card, the G75 carn't even handle Metro 2033 with full resolution and the settings set on max because i only got around 10fps, mine out of the box never worked and with some problems not running some games, and it has no touchscreen for win 8 enough is enough so i got a great card and i will be using two gtx titan cards iam about to get a motherboard a sabertooth x79, and iam allmost ready to build my first gaming desktop, and if i get any problems not playing some games then it's enough is enough again and i will raffle the damm thing off... with my steam friends...
I was not showing off , Im jst saying that i have a laptop that is more than capable of running the game, my g75 never had a problem i run all games smoothly
j4960s 2013年4月20日 15時37分 
ok we all beleave you lol...
VolOpt 2013年4月20日 16時36分 
Did you verify the game cache?
Yeah I did , i downloaded and re.installed the game at least 5 times , it just get stuck at 1/3 of the loading after the intro ( which you cant even skip ) . Its just frustrating
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