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What *are* the instructions for Big Swing Baseball?
Okay, I've tried for 2 months now ... Is there a reliable method to play Baseball?

1a. When are we supposed to swing? About half the time the batter does not swing, or swings too late or early.
1b. Swinging with the tempo of the beat doesn't work, and swinging based on the closeness of the ball to the batter has wildly inconcistent results.
2. Why does the batter rarely swing at curve balls (or swings abysmally late)?
3. String bending does not work for curve balls because the game does not recognize when I play the note ... but *sliding* the note up one or two frets sometimes works marvellously. WTF?
4.My final scores are extremely inconsistent (they have always ranged from 6 k to 240 k), but my fretting & picking speed is pretty consistent. So why do I almost-always have three batters in a row strike out--regardless of the score?

Can anyone help?
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reval8r Mar 13, 2013 @ 6:57am 
Wish I could help, I find this one extremely frustrating. For me I can't ever get it to swing at an inside pitch. Other times just putting my fingers on a fret will cause a swing before the pitch is thrown. I haven't figured out this one out either. Maybe someone who's gotten the hang of it will chime in.
grimlog Mar 13, 2013 @ 11:42am 
No idea. I tried a few times, then lost interest. Don't even know, what this minigame is supposed to train...
imaginaarius Mar 13, 2013 @ 2:06pm 
Baseball sux, play Ducks, Super Ducks and Scale Runner. They will improve you. If you vant to exercise bends, play Santana or some other songs with full of them.
nuggy1964 Mar 14, 2013 @ 3:12am 
i dont know whether this will help but you have to keep all fingers away from the strings and play the note indicated in time with the beats. i found that by avoiding strike outs i got some ridiculusly high points. the games about bending strings. you can fool it though when it throws you a curve ball by playing higher up the fretboard than the note indicated by one two or three frets,depending on the degree of bend.
Thank you, folks.

If I find some other answers for us I will post them in the forum here.

I just finished a game near 460 k points. This is what I have learned, in no particular order: :)

1) Keep the *guitar volume* very low. This allows me to play notes but it stops the game from thinkinging every fret or string accident is a swing!

2) *Slides* work consistently for curve balls, bends are unreliable. (I think the picture of bends during pitches are just misleading because runners *slide* into bases in *real* basesball.)

3) To hit a curveball, I start your note and slide as soon as possible (even if the pitch has not left the player's hand yet). Experiment with timing on your own computer.

4) As the pitch of the note pitched rises, the game seems to react slower ... so the higher the note, the earlier I need to swing.

5) Straight pitches (fastballs) I swing at *after* the ball is at least half-way from the pitcher to the batter. Experiment with timing on your own computer.

6) The note you will need to fret (or the base note of the slide if it is a curve ball) is sounded just before or just as the fret number is shown but *before* the string colour. Train your ear to start your fingers moving towards where they need to be to play the string when it appears.

I hope that makes Baseball more playable for everyone. Please add more hints when you find them. :D

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