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DLC quality--I need better ears & knowledge help, please
I spent some time today at the Rocksmith Shop listening to the songs for sale and notice 2 strange things. Can someone else listen &/or look and see what you think?

Ears help: (I hope this makes sense) The songs by some of the groups (including Evanesence, Blink-182, Fallout Boy, & others) seem to be recorded in such a way that they are 'just volume with very little tone'(?). What I mean is that there seems to be hardly any differentiation between the sounds of the various instruments. Like they are all played at the same volume, sort of all smushed together and loud. Does anyone else experience this?

Knowledge/Experience help: I am new at this music thing so it might be my simple ignorance, but I think there are too many Rocksmith parts for some of the Rush songs. For example, "Tom Sawyer" has three pieces--a chord/combo part, a single note part, and a bass part. But Rush only has *three* musicians and one of them is a *drummer* ... How is this possible?

In the Twilight Zone today,
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grimlog Mar 15, 2013 @ 3:39pm 
I don't own the Rush-DLC yet (is on my list). Try to answer the second question anyways, because I played in a few bands and recorded some albums with them a few years ago.
The "trick" is, the guitarist plays more than one track when recording. For example he plays a track with the chords first and a second track with solos, fills etc after that. Afaict Rocksmith tries to reproduce the studio-recordings so it offers both guitar parts despite the fact the band is a 3-piece.
Pirate Mar 16, 2013 @ 3:22pm 
I'm not a musician either and I might be wrong but I think some of the arrangements are made for Rocksmith only. They're just there so you have different ways to play the song. Many Single Note arrangements seem to be just Combo or Chord rewritten to use single notes. They were never played by the band. Niether live nor in studio.
Some of the songs feature a simplified arrangement, usually Chord or Single Note, so you can still play the song without having to learn the real, usually very difficult, arrangement.

As for the songs it might depends on your audio setup. Maybe you're speakers have a tone gauge ? Maybe your computer output has something like volume equlization enabled. It all sounds fine to me. It might be that your usual music setup (iPod, cd-player, whatever you listen to music on) has the equalizer on. You're used to a different setup and when you listen to them on Rocksmith it all sounds weird.
Another possibility is that the guitar and bass might be louder on purpose. So you can hear what you'll be playing.
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El Botijo Mar 18, 2013 @ 2:12am 
I suppose that the answer to the first question is "Loudness War". Most of the albums that have been recorded, let's say, in the last ten years have been compressed. Compression is an audio technique in that you get a louder record at a loss of dynamic range. One of the ideas is that if you need to compare a lot of albums, a louder one has more impact. The other main reason is that cheap amplifiers distort whenever you add some gain, so the album sounds better if it is already loud.
Please search for any discussion about the album "Death Magnetic" for a clear example of what might happen. Some listeners say the album gets boring because it is always trying for the maximum volume.
Personal rant: Loudness war and auto-tune are killing the music industry. There are also not many new young musicians because there are less youngsters these days. Now, get off my lawn!
Thank you. I think you answered all of my concerns.

grimlog: Your point about recording tracks is worth keeping in mind for the future. (For most bands at least. In the case of Rush it may not be valid ... they play *everything* in concert themselves. They joke about being too old to tour and needing to assign sounds, notes, & riffs, " whoever has an extra elbow they aren't using yet.")

Pirate_PL: I think your guess about "Rocksmith arrangements" is probably very close to the truth. You reminded me of reading many times in the past that note-for-note transcribers have an aitch eee double-hockey sticks of-a-time getting things right for some musicians because the music is very complex while recording and *then* it was post-studio-processed. (If it matters ... I don't listen to much music that has been user-processed. At normal volumes I can actually hear the difference between cd and mp3 versions of the same songs and I try to avoid the compressed stuff.)

El Botijo: Wow! Thank you for the info! (Note that "Dyanmic Range Day" is March 22!) Whatever the quality of the game tracks, I suspect that Steam & Ubisoft use compressed files for clips in the Rocksmith Store as they are not expecting conoisseurs paying close attention to 20-30 second clips. Loudness War explains a lot.

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