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RCR world editor?
I've bought RCR off-Steam (I think it was on GOG or other web-based store), but you know what I'd like? World editor so people could mod this game easily. Along with mission editor of course. Would be unlocked after completing story mode.
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briprov  [Fejlesztő] 2013. aug. 8., 16:27 
Those would be great but would not be trival to do. It would require at least a couple months of work. The low adoption rate for the current mods doesn't justify the time required to add those.
Maybe low adoption of mods is because those mods are bland, reason being no sufficient mod tools are made? Have considered that?

And I know it wouldn't be easy thing to do, I'm a programmer too (in fact working on my game now, written with Allegro library), but since world has been made in first place, I think creator of this marvelous game (sorry for forgetting his name) could adapt them as modding tools, streamlining some tasks.

Still lot of work, but not as much as writting it from scratch.
briprov  [Fejlesztő] 2013. aug. 9., 22:13 
I'm the creator. Thing is, I'm just one person. My time can only be spent on one thing at a time. I have the choice of a new game, or updates, or ports, or modding tools & support. I need to choose where my time is best spent.
Mod tools can be seen as updates ;).
And every game needs modding tools. This can help game succeed even more. Seriously - Super Mario World would be quickly scrapped as "yet another Mario game"... if not for Lunar Magic. Super metroid has modding community even 20 years after it's release! How about Doom or Wolf3D mods? Or Skyrim mods? Or elephant in the room, Minecraft mods?

What I'm trying to say is that proper modding tools can expand lifetime of a game and thus more moeny would pour in over time, as people would buy base game just because they have seen cool mod on YT or at friend's house.

Minecraft would be forgotten by now if not for modding - seriously base game was so limited before Dinnerbone joined Mojang that it'd go bankrupt if people wouldn't buy MC for mods.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Darkhog; 2013. aug. 10., 8:09
I agree bripro please don't let this game fall into obscurity, you gotta add either multiplayer support or modding tools to finish this off before you call it quits. Seriously, the community with bring you much more money if you could do those two things..
Then release a DLC after those two things are done and we will gobble it up, if not only in appreciation :D
Yeah, I'd gladly pay for modding stuff.
I feel the reason that the modding wasn't taken up too much is because all the modding is really just simple retextures or recolors. Now that's fine, since it adds more customization than there already is, but there's not really much there. There isn't even a decent tutorial on it (the pdf is okay, but doesn't go too indepth on somethings) and it seems like a big hassle to really do anything other than a re-color. If you want to change how a weapon looks, you have to edit everey single sprite that uses it, and if you want to edit a head, you have to find it on that huge "list" of heads. I feel like there should be more to it than that, and there definatly needs to be more tools or something that makes the whole "modding" a bit easier. I also understand that you (the dev ofcourse) are porting the game to the 3ds, which is great, but if you want to get more attention to modding and aswell as setting up a workshop, the current "modding" system needs an overhaul and maybe a bit more than recolors or remodels.
Personly I would pay another ten dollars for a level mission editor. But I don't actually have the pc version I have the 3ds version I would also pay for more mini games,missions,side quest,ect. But it would be even better if another game came out! And for the 3ds because it did the best. Oh and I would also pay hi price for procedurelly generated quest from NPC's. Oh and also maybe you could have skins from other games like bowser and sonic.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: OnlyLFeris; 2014. júl. 25., 5:27
Who the crap are you, and why would sex have anything to do with RCR?? Freak.
Oh.... Sorry about that what I meant to say was "but It would be even better if another game came out!"" sorry about that I mispell words alot. :(
Really sorry about that.
OnlyLFeris eredeti hozzászólása:
Oh.... Sorry about that what I meant to say was "but It would be even better if another game came out!"" sorry about that I mispell words alot. :(
Read Dead Redemption demake, anyone?
Okay I just got another idea maybe you could make it easier to mod the game instead of making the modding tools?! Kinda like starbound did. That way it would take so much less work and the community would get what they want.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: OnlyLFeris; 2014. júl. 25., 5:27
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