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Tanzia Dec 30, 2013 @ 1:10pm
Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.
I bought the game hoping for more then it was.

The first game I achieved 2nd or 3rd? The 2nd game I ranks first.
I had little idea what I was doing, didn't bother with walk-throughs or guides.

Truthfully, I was disappointed. :( I'm sorry.

1. Would have prefer a more detailed "shop" set up. Some customization and decor to attract more customers. A less fussy system of pricing, just let me enter numbers. -.-

2. By my second game, already quite a few repeat items.

3. Unlocking the full map days before I finish even the first game was disappointing.

4. My bad, but didn't realize it would be a hidden objects game...I'd have prefered this to be more of a bonus section for special items or sets...

However, I will give some credit. No bugs. Decent tutorial. And whether I liked it or not, it was different.

Pickers > General Discussions > Topic Details