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The Bridge

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Shadowspaz 28. Feb. 2013 um 22:09 Uhr
Discuss the Wisp Picture *spoilers?*
So after collecting all seven wisps, the picture it reveals raises some questions. I highly doubt the developers would have us go though all this work, to uncover a picture, so we can just go "Huh. That's neat." There has to be some story-related significance we've uncovered, here.

I'm thinking that the two faces, Escher and Newton, are nothing more than the kind of watermark, transparent faces you see in the background of memorable moments of movies. Just kind of showcasing the influences on his works, and illustrating that Escher and Newton at least had some kind of connection. In the other plot-discussion thread, I wondered if they actually worked together, or if Newton was just a major influence. Seeing as it is only Escher sitting at a desk working (With Newton overlooking from beyond), I'm leaning much more towards him just being an influence and an idol for Escher.

So then I got wondering about the pictures of them working together, in each chapter. Yet this "house" is inside his mind. The decor will reflect his thoughts and feelings, and if he idolized Newton as much as I feel, then these literal representations of their partnership make sense.

Now, what was it they were working on? In the distance, you have the massive, floating... Thing. I have no idea what that could be, but branching off from it... The Bridge. And seen in the lake behind him is the reflection. The mirror equivalent of the bridge.

Could MC Escher, with Newton's influence, have created 'The Bridge?' If so, what does this mean? What does Newton's death mean, and where does the tesseract fit in?

This picture means something; that much is certain. But what?
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Lemartes 26. Aug. 2013 um 2:09 Uhr 
To me, it seemed to say that they were two halves of one whole, as if to say it was the same person. Which I immidiately dismissed since it made no sence with any thing else I was barely able to conjecture about the game's story.
wrackune  [Entwickler] 27. Aug. 2013 um 12:55 Uhr 
We're going for the "best left up to the interpretation of each player" thing. But I will say that there is an intended storyline/answer :)
drparent 4. Juni 2014 um 19:24 Uhr 
Newton's discovery of physical laws, especially gravitational force, helped us understand the universe in 3 dimensions. Escher toyed with the idea of a 4th dimension (the tesseract being a simple 4 dimensional object). I think the idea here is that, with Newton as his muse (the two were not alive at the same time, they are merely depicted together to show the relationship in their respective work), Escher creates The Bridge into the 4th dimension and discovers the greater reality. This requires him to dedicate his life to his work, which is a terribly painful process, and thus the mirrored world reflects his internal state rather than the facade we see in the standard world. He sacrifices his happiness to cross The Bridge, only to discover that the other side is much the same as the realm he left behind, making his pain all the more obvious...

...and then he awakens to the bright and cheery world that is.
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