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Elecid 2013年12月5日下午7:21
Anybody who want to buy this game must becareful.
There are a error of this game right now and I tried finding solution to fix it, but I cannot. You guys maybe need to do some research before purchasing this game. The problem is when you press enter at the screen and the text will say "Initializing" last forever !!!. I know the problem is all about social club. It so pretty annoying that You Can't even play a game you buy for. Anyway, my window is Window 7 32bit. Do some search on google about MAXPAYNE 3 Problem first !!

Ps. I just don't want anyone face this problem and get mad !!. :)
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Elecid 2013年12月5日下午7:22 
Ps2. I tried many many solution on the internet. ;) but it won't work :(
h e n 2013年12月5日下午7:25 
Same here. I was able to play in the day i buyed this game, But now, i have the same problem. Windows 8.1. PS: You still can play the game, but only puting steam in offline mod.
Mildy007 2013年12月6日上午12:17 
man try it in compatiple windows 7
Elecid 2013年12月6日上午12:20 
try everything you guys say but it didn't work either. Thanks for advices anyway. ;)
Mildy007 2013年12月6日上午1:27 
try windows server 2008 mode
Zurvan 2013年12月6日上午3:30 
You can play this game. Just go to your steamapps map and find MP3 install directory. There you will see two maps, one of them being MP_installers. From there reinstall R* socialclub.exe , it might fix your problems.

Also check the stickies in this thread.
Elecid 2013年12月6日上午8:34 
Thanks zurvan about link, I will try it later.
Bulision 2013年12月6日上午9:02 
Nothing works Activation gets stuck saying i need internet connection although i am connected and signed in to Social BS
Zurvan 2013年12月6日上午9:15 
Don't mind that message, just sign in as you would. I have the game and it says the same message. Just sign in and ignore it .
Bulision 2013年12月6日上午9:17 
Zurvan. how can i ignore it when the game doesnt start?
Zurvan 2013年12月6日上午9:23 
So did you reinstall the R* social club thing? Then you have to sign in with an existing account or create new account. After that you just sign in but when I press sign in, it also gives me the "you must be connected to internet bull crap" yet I do sign in regulary.

Also what helps out is when you activate for the first time just exit game, it should now revognize you. All people in our small group are able to sign without any problem....
h e n 2013年12月6日上午9:24 
Well sir, we can't.
Zurvan 2013年12月6日上午9:27 
That sucks then, why in heavens name did C*cokstar games use a double DRM with the steam virsion no one will know.

Try veifying integrity of cashe thing or other wise try this refresh steam files...
Bulision 2013年12月6日上午9:29 
Thanks for trying to help Zurvan

Unfortunatelly I am signed in to Social Club with my existing account. i can press home and see me signed in.
I even can sign out and in while there. It asked me the activation code only once (well second time after i reinstalled the whole 30G).
However the message below the screen always reads: `You need to be connected to the internet and signed into an online Social Club account to activate Max Payne 3`

Any pointers?
Zurvan 2013年12月6日上午9:39 
Ok so you can log in. CAn you acces the in game menu's like Story, settings and multiplayer? You can try to redeem your code (or your Season pass DLC code) in the in game Store menu. Just press Y and it will bring up a redeem product codes. You can't redeem any codes in Steam, all things must be redeemed in the game store itself. After that just restart the game then you should normally be able to start it.

But if it gives you this message (not able to connect) try allowing in it in your firewall (or add the game manually). Did you have this issue from the start or did you buy this game recently?

Do none of these stickies help you guys out??

This is R* at its best. They have billions of dollars of revenue yet they acn't offer a functioning service. If nothing works out for you guys just contact R* games or Steam support so that they can contact the publisher.

IF we all complain something will be done.
最后由 Zurvan 编辑于; 2013年12月6日上午9:39
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