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Dentorhedge Feb 25, 2016 @ 4:55am
Meaning? (Spoiler-y Dsicussion)
OK, first off, the Scythians did not usually burn their dead from what I understand. Their burial grounds/mounds stand to this day.

Next off, the Scythian's motivation. She is guided by what she thinks is a god (us), to destroy an ancient evil being, the Gogolithic Mass. I could not find a meaning for the word *gogolithic*.

The mass is an entity that acheived immortality. And with its immortality .... ... ... it sits in its palace. Forever. Quite evil, eh? Sure, it inhabits skeleton soldiers, and guides a three-eyed wolfbeast--- but only when people are messing around with its immortality.

It can only be defeated by intense Sworcery brought upon it with another's death and the force of the whole trigon trifecta. Sworcery is defined as power coming from expanded consciousness, while the song directs this power.

This sacrifice can be understood considering that this has been going on for geberations, all the way back to Nathan the Giant and his posse, who became legendary Scythian heroes despite failing this quest.

If the gods, such as ourselves, are a common part of the culture, then it makes more sense.

Further developments come from the fact that this scythian must be a hero back where she comes from (Her armour, standing two-to-two with ancient creatures), and that she craves adventure and honor more than anything. The scene of her going onto her knees when she thinks there are no more secrets on the Maeotian marshes (which was a part of the Scythian empire and contained the homeland, aka her home.), that she remarks that martyrdom sounds nice despitee the pain,

and that she is even ABLE to use sworcery on the brink of death on the top of a rocky mountain, an act which requires INTENSE focus even on normal circumstances-- shows she is dead-set to kill herself, not for a greater good, but for glory. She chose die and believed this was the last adventure she could have-- while the Gogolithic Mass just is.

BUT, this is only half the story, the developers added themselves to this world as well, while the Archetype stands as thier thoughts combined according to my reading on Carl Jung. The developers sent out a transmission and summoned us here to perform a task--- to bring the Scythian to martyrdom and upload the trigon trifecta to the whirling infinite.

The Archetype even thanks us, and says leading the Scythian is an annoyance, implying that it is a thing that must be done, if not by us, then by another---

But we are called to witness the spectacle of the world and the sythian's journey, too-- are we also just looking for something to fill our lives (by the game's reconing?), even filling our lives with death like the scythian?

I read somehwere that that whole mess with the New Flesh inside the dark-moon well is a reference to a film called videorome... and I have not researched Robert E. Howard, but this is shaping up to be a disagreeable message, if you ask me.
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Metadragon Feb 28, 2016 @ 10:21pm 
She is Scythian but the other are never specified.

The Gogolithic Mass is the sole survivor of The Annunaki, a race of shapeshifting reptiles who enslaved the people of the stone & early bronze ages. It probably was still enslaving people. We don't really know. This is what I have read around the web about it though.

Scythian Women were known to be fairly powerful within their culture. They have found tattoed women warriors from the era.

We, the players, well, played this game most likely because we were bored. We are given fair and ample warning that continuing would kill the Scythian, yet we did it anyway. Sure the path there was entertaining but almost nothing the player does is really considered "good". The Gogolithic Mass was dormant and locked away, the three eyed wolf wasn't known for being violent, the people of the area lived peaceful and uneventful lives. We beat up on naked dancing bear and we slaughtered rabbits using magic. The same magic we used to upset the sprites of the forest so we could attain more power. The Scythian and us the player wrecked havok on the would because we wanted to. And while the great slumbering evil was vanquished, we ultimately left the world in a worse state that when we started. The Scythian did it for Glory. And she got Glory. We did it for entertainment, and we got entertainment. The archtype is an apathetic, condescending and patient. He has seen this countless times, across countless people playing, across countless interations. He's bored too. But the story needs to be told.

So connecting Videodrome with what bI just said above yeah. Its definately there to get you to think. In theory we the player are in control. Or so we think. The story doesn't change no matter what we do. Except if we don't play at all.
Anyway the story is supposed to be an archtype, the hero's journey, the monomyth. The minute details are unimportant.
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Dentorhedge Mar 1, 2016 @ 12:17am 
Thanks. The message you uncovered does seem disagreeable to me, particularly if it acknowledges the pointlessness then goes forward anyway producing more art.

NO. 6 Mar 31, 2016 @ 1:08pm 
Little late, but I did want to just add the official "reference" behind the Scythian and the Gogolithic Mass (from the Sword & Sworcery website[] (scroll down):

"The character concept of The Scythian can be traced back to a project from the early days of Superbrothers (established in 2003) with a project set in the Aegean in the bronze age, around 1000 BC. The Scythian's gender may have something to do with Leonard Schlain's The Goddess & The Alphabet: The Conflict Between Text & Image, a book that offers an alternate perspective on the received wisdom of thousands of years of male-dominated written literature & history. Tombs dating back to 1000 BC found in Turkey, the Ukraine, Iran & Georgia offer evidence of respected warrior women, recorded in ancient literature as the amazons of Homer's Illiad.

The character concept of The Gogolithic Mass, a deathless spectre from outer space who lurks in the darkness beneath Mingi Taw, is related to The Annunaki, the name given to the first pantheon of gods recognized by civilized human beings. Noted crackpot and former BBC sports broadcaster David Icke claims that The Annunaki were a race of spacefaring creatures whose bloodline has persisted since the dawn of civilization. Icke claims that today Earth has been enslaved by a race of twelve foot tall reptilian shapeshifters who are able to manifest themselves as the Queen of England, for example. The name Gogolithic Mass is a deliberate mispelling of The Glagolithic Mass by the czech composer Janacek."
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Dentorhedge Apr 2, 2016 @ 10:06am 
Thank you, Mr. Pie Dude.
roehcai Jun 29, 2017 @ 10:39pm 
I'm curious as to what the transmission code at the end meant. (in the audio as The Scythian does the last bit). Was it just that the sample they used in the music happened to be someone speaking a number?
Metadragon Jun 30, 2017 @ 6:45pm 
Originally posted by roehcai:
I'm curious as to what the transmission code at the end meant. (in the audio as The Scythian does the last bit). Was it just that the sample they used in the music happened to be someone speaking a number?
There was an ARG I think.
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