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FShrike Aug 16, 2020 @ 7:03am
Has anyone, ever, solved the mysteries of the transmission?
I have found a very small amount of information online, and through another steam community discussion, I found the website and reference is made to the vinyl, and "secret grooves". Sadly, the vinyl was limited edition (I think), and the majority of the links and .js scripts on the puzzle "keep on digging website" are no longer available. On this website: there is a nice tribute to the game, but I see an image of a library... which I have never seen in the game, despite completing it 100%.

From my google searches, and the fact that only two forums ever discussed it that I could see, NO ONE has solved the mysteries. I'll link in the two forums I found. Has any veteran player here found the answers to any of the puzzles mentioned here or on those forums.

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sam.bald Aug 25, 2021 @ 4:26pm 
Sorry to post to a nearly year-old thread, but there was a discussion years back in the old Steam forums that eventually got to the bottom of the mysteries, which I was a bit disappointed to find doesn't exist anymore. I dug around and found it on the Wayback Machine:

It doesn't seem to load properly past page 3, but from what I can remember it looks like the mysteries were all solved by then—at the time I did confirm that via email with one of the people involved in developing the game. From what they said, there were two main puzzles.

One finished with a secret track (see post #29 in the old thread), which is a dead link now but was posted here some time later:
Apparently the voices you hear in the song are from various people connected to the game and Venus Patrol.

The other puzzle finished with a video on Vimeo, which is also unfortunately gone now. I do recall the video showed some sort of aircraft flying over an ocean, with Carl Sagan speaking in the background. The aforementioned person involved with the game also told me at the time, "the video will remain mysterious for a while yet, but has something to do with future superbrothers plans". Sure enough, the video in my memory looked an awful lot like Superbrothers' upcoming game Jett. Whether the video was simply a teaser for their next game, or if the mysteries continue in Jett, I'm genuinely curious about...

If anyone is interested, I still have recordings from the "secret grooves" in the Moon Grotto vinyl that I could post, since the links to those in the old forum are dead.
FShrike Sep 1, 2021 @ 11:41am 
Thank you for responding! Amazing that this is now a year old. I still love Guthrie and their games - Below was amazing - I would really like to see (or hear) your recordings @sam.bald
sam.bald Sep 2, 2021 @ 7:56pm 
Sure, here they are. First normal speed, then slowed down so you can understand the words:
Side A, Groove 1[]
Side A, Groove 2[]
Side B, Groove 1[]
Side B, Groove 2[]

And from the first track on the album, when you mix the stereo down to mono, there are some hidden messages in the intro:

I read through the whole forum thread again to refresh my memory and eventually found working links for all the pages after mucking about for a while:
1[] - 2[] - 3[] - 4[] - 5[] - 6[] - 7[] - 8[] - 9[] - 10[] - 11[]
There's also the printable version[], which loads pages just fine so might be easier to navigate.

This page actually still exists, and it was never very clear what it meant:
I'm pretty sure the fifth GIF is an excerpt from the video on Vimeo one of the puzzles led to. I still think it's probably very early footage of their next game Jett.

A tweet from scntfc saying "all that can be found (for now) has been found (for now)":
Which makes me hopeful there will be more cool mysteries related to Jett once it's released.

I also found it interesting that people involved with the game on multiple occasions referenced the old Steam thread:
That second one from Brandon Boyer links back to the seeyouinheavenhighfive page, referencing "the future"...
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andrew_geers Nov 11, 2022 @ 3:17am 
OK, this is becoming newly relevant to me... Now that Craig Adams has announced "an upcoming slice of sworcery... not many moons hence"... it becomes fascinating to me to see that as far back as 2012, scntfc's "Burn A Pale Fire" album "Undone" was listed as "releases December 12, 2022" ( which is not far off the "bright moon" on 8th December. Should we expect this "new slice of sworcery" to drop on that date?

I think I will try and draw all of these clues together and make a video about it all... I find it all so fascinating!
autochop Nov 11, 2022 @ 4:31am 
Sounds amazing - you guys have done a bloody amazing job piecing this together despite the small fanbase and the long time since the game release. I look forward to Jett with you lads and the ‘upcoming slice of sworcery’
andrew_geers Nov 12, 2022 @ 5:36am 
Here we go: I put it together in a video -

Thanks so much to FShrike for preserving all this knowledge!
FShrike Dec 8, 2022 @ 11:18am 
How do we think the content will manifest? Should we keep the game on 100%, or replay it? Is it going to be in the hidden #moar section, or the main game?
FShrike Dec 8, 2022 @ 11:31am 
OH! And another thing that has always bugged me. On the OST, we have a piece called "Little Furnace". To the best of my knowledge, that does not feature anywhere in the original game, unlike the other pieces. Does anyone know if it has an place, as some Easter Egg?
Sneeze Jan 26 @ 11:11pm 
Originally posted by FShrike:
OH! And another thing that has always bugged me. On the OST, we have a piece called "Little Furnace". To the best of my knowledge, that does not feature anywhere in the original game, unlike the other pieces. Does anyone know if it has an place, as some Easter Egg?
It plays during the ending sequence after you lose control, with the credits popping up.
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