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Zodiac Mar 10, 2013 @ 9:50am
Upgrading your holdings
Is it worth it? Also I like barony's ALOT but am i better off playing the i hires mercs to win everything game everytime? So everything should be a city? Also is a church really the accurate blend of city/barony? So should i get bishoprics if i want the best of both worlds?

This thread really started out more about the indidvidual upgrades for each holdings on a city level. I.E. Castle moat/Walls/Castle village etc etc
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KaHavaVe Mar 10, 2013 @ 3:41pm 
If you plan on playing for a long time, then its worth it. More than a hundred years. Mercs start to lose capability as you increase in size (an emperor can field 20k+ troops if the holdings are upgraded, and if they have feudal taxation then they can usually afford to have two or three good merc groups at once).

Late game capital should be something with seven holdings; 5 cities, 1 church, 1 castle.

Since that is the center of technology expansion, that's all that matters. Upgrade the crap out of the cities; its the difference between getting two or three star tech by end game and getting 5 stars across the board 100-150 years before the game ends.

If you are playing in an area without such a province available, then focus on troop numbers, and be prepared to finagle your way into getting a good capital later.

Troop numbers are also useful because, if you have the Legacy Of Rome DLC, you have retinues, which are basically free standing armies; absolutely essential to republics and pretty damn useful to everyone else

Remember; something viable for early game (saving money, getting mercenaries) is not viable for late game (your armies will be crushed against the Mongols, HRE, Byzantines, etc).
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