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rbad34 Feb 9, 2014 @ 5:27pm
little question about tradeposts
does having too big of a tradezone make the game lag for anyone else?

for clarification
all i did with my game files was modify the "max trade post: 3" to "max trade post: 3000" on the grand palace.

i recently started a game, built ~200 trade posts at start, after they were built.
when i switch to the trade zone portrait instead of the holdings portraits to upgrade said trade posts, game lags noticably (slow mo clouds)
I have another game running with a 2 trade zones ~60/ ~100 respectively and its running fine.

i mean it could be because all tradeposts were created around the same time i havent tested that out yet. it couldnt be because of all the sprites i can see from the trade posts line of sight. ive seen more running around when i was Holy Roman Emperor that one time, and theres no lag if i get out of the trade post portrait screen.

anywho ill try reinstalling.
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markdb92 Feb 9, 2014 @ 7:20pm 
Having a lot can lag i tried it when tradeposts where unlimited and spamed cash to build them everywhere. The downside to the tradeposts is your helping your enemies if you do not take the coast lines. You do not want more then say 30 tradeposts cause your family will just get old and die off due to no babies allowed above 30 people in court. Once you get that many just kick the rest of the men out of court.
rbad34 Feb 9, 2014 @ 9:14pm 
reinstalled, more of the same. putting tradeposts everywhere is a way to "speed up" the game for me. as for gaming the post limit mechanics, you might as well banish all male dynasty members then invite them all back through a complicated string of console commands. not really an issue having groups of 50 trade posts around maps anyway. although i wont ever achieve my dream of having my family name plastered across the whole map without owning 90% of it landwise.
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