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Tom Raider - The Angel of Darknes
I cant play in Tom Raider - The Angel of Darknes
Ive error message all the time, even i run it in Windows XP and 7 compatibility

Build Sep 17 2003 15:53:15

The Following Error has occured

Generic Game Error

ASSERTION: 'SUCCEEDED(hr)' at C:\projects\tomb raider\Game\shell\system\PC\sys_d3d_vmr9.cpp(1569)

and this file isnt existed on my HDD

please any idea to fix it?

thank you
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Wrong forum, dude.
Ditto - just because you're in a forum about Tomb Raider you're not gonna have much success trying to get answers about one of the other games in the series. Open a topic in the Tomb Raider - Angel of Darkness forum and you're probably gonna have more success.

BTW - You always need to post information regarding your system information if you're looking for help running a game - nobody knows what you're running it on and if you don't provide it you are just delaying the response that other users can provide. Post your CPU, GPU, Operating System, Installed Ram and if you're running the game on a Desktop or Laptop system.

Also, before you even BUY a game - check out the following to see if you can even RUN the game - if not, it can give you some guideline where you might be able to improve your ability to run a particular title.
Thanks, im not used any forums at all, thanks for comments, next time I try add all my hardware spec, and find right forum
I asked on Square Enix, but still have any information.
My laptop is Alienware x18m r2 with nVidia 660GTX 16GB of ram.
Go to Tomb Raider - Angel of Darkness in the Steam library and click on the forum there.

Make sure you let them know what you're trying to run the game on when you make your post - my guess is you might have to play with the game settings to make such an old game work well with your powerful laptop...
It's a Direct X error, which, judging by your use of the "compatibility Modes" I can see you are using either Windows 7 or 8 and that DirectX 9.0c emuulation was not actually fully coherent with these alter OS

Also, since you mention that your game is running from "C:\projects\tomb raider\Game\"
from which, given Micrtosoft Windows' preference for C: drive presumably means tha tyou have installed the game direct to the %HomeDrive% or at least, NOT within the %PROGRAMFILES% or %PROGRAMFILES(x86)% paths where it 'ought to be'
This would most likely indicate a possible requirement for UAC virtualisation in order to protect files.

My recommendation wopuld be:

1) Update the DirectX files for your OS (Any DX10, 10.1 or 11 may not have full compatibility with DX9.0c and earlier protocol) The u[pdate can be found on Microsoft website

2) Uninstall then Reinstall the game under the %PROGRAMFILES%/ path

3) Install the TR AOD v52 patch

4) (Ensure computer is re-started after any installation/reinstallation)

5) You may find the TRAoD Startup Configuration Utility also useful to install

6) set compatibility mode to:
a) WindowsXP (SP3)
b) Disable Scaling
c) Run As Administrator

7) Choose a suitable screen resolution (Widescreen formats wewre not so prevalent)
Hi! I've also had some problems with this game and TR Chronicles a while ago. I posted this problem on the official tomb raider forums and I found that I needed this patch. Here I looked up for it ;) I hope this helped you.
Just be careful installing patches into the game - the Steam version has problem been updated to the latest release of Tomb Raider AOD and TR Chronicles and applying patches on your own may seriously screw up the game.
TR AOD so much better than TR re-hasded crap.
Messaggio originale di Wayke:
TR AOD so much better than TR re-hasded crap.
Will you just shut up with that already? What kind of butthurt little baby are you if all you can do is whine about a game you don't like instead of, oh I dunno, play a game you DO like?? Is your time so worthless you have to squander it over such pointless and destructive endeavours?

Your opinion is not universal. Some people will like this game, others won't. It is how it is. The sooner you get this into your thick skull the better.
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