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Sinty 2013年3月9日上午5:32
Review from a Raider Fan...I really didn't enjoy this game at all
I'm not the complainer type. I love video games and I appreciate art. When someone puts their heart and soul into designing something, I care and respect them for their passion. I was always a big Tomb Raider fan, no doubt about it...I had to have this game no matter what.

I am displeased with a great deal of elements found in this game. I admit, it is one of the best looking games in terms of a graphical experience that I've ever seen. Ultra settings on my 50 inch HD tv look incredible. I was very happy to see that my Radeon HD6970 2gb handled the maxed out settings with no lag or FPS loss. The game looks and feels very smooth. A really wonderful visual experience, indeed.

Beyond that, how does one like me..."ye gamer of they 90s" ... enjoy this game? I am not sure older fans who played the original Tomb Raider games for days if not weeks on end will enjoy this game. It seems set up for sissies who aren't smart enough to figure out complex puzzles and need to be told exactly where to go. The older Raider games never told you where to go, what to do and how to do it. But, this new reboot does. I was shocked to see the game setup in a linear fashion. It is immensely simple, requires 0 skill to complete and is really straight forward? Dang...the old Lara would kick the new Lara's butt and make fun of her for having it so easy.

So...the Tomb Experience is almost non existent. There are a few very small caverns randomly placed along your journey, yet are so easy, a small child would have no issues completing them. And there really aren't many of them, not every base camp area has one. There are only a handful, and each one has no reward for completion. You are met with Lara opening a large box at the end of each Tomb completition, but never get to see whats inside. It left me upset, wanting a serious challenge and actually feeling as though I was cheated and beyond held by the hand the entire time. Almost nothing was put into the puzzle solving experience. How is it God of War ( not a puzzle game ) can have more interesting and challenging puzzles than a Tomb Raider game? Ugh!

Tomb Raider is a reboot and rehash of Lara Croft. It follows in fashion with the majority of Rebooting experiences, they always look better than the original...but most of the time are a sad rewriting of the character that leaves much to be desired. Lara gets bashed around a ton in this game and never uses a medical kit on herself. She should have died from infection within the first few hours of her journey ( LOL ). The game also puts emphasis on the hunting skills, foraging for food by shooting animals...yet you can run through the game damaged and never require food at all to continue onward.

All in all, the game merits a 4/10 for me because of the lack of challenge. While the game looks incredible, the gameplay experience is an Uncharted and Resident Evil 4 rip off with far too many quick time button there was one event early on that didn't tell you what button to press. I had to watch Lara get choked out 20+ times while I mashed and tapped every button one at a time to find the right key. Turns out it was the F key? Um...ok. Maybe next time tell us to press that key since the F key is not attached to an action command at all prior to that event? There are a ton of glitches in this game as well, Lara running through some rope, missing textures...thank The One Above All I had a crash free experience until that Boat scene. One crash in the entire experience...I feel bad for others who crashed often. Yikes. If this is where the Raider games are heading in the future...count me out. I prefer the challenge of the older games and feel that a fusion of the older styling with updated graphics would have been the way to go.

( spoilers below )

P.S. The main villain...that queen chick? She was hyped through the entire game...repeatedly...every 10 seconds Sun Queen this, Sun Queen that...guess never get to fight her! I almost threw my wireless keyboard into my TV screen when the end of the game came around....UGH!!!!
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HTS MrHumphries 2013年3月9日上午5:42 
Whilst I consider it a very good game,I can understand why you didn't enjoy it.
It is afterall Tomb Raider in name only.The game has little in common with the old Tomb Raider gameplay.
There are very few tombs to raid and the platforming is incredibly easy(such is the trend nowadays) compared to Tomb Raiders pixel accurate jumping.

If you like Uncharted and perhaps Batman:Arkham you should like this.

p.s. I did'nt mind the end boss as I have an aversion to boss battles :)
最后由 HTS MrHumphries 编辑于; 2013年3月9日上午5:44
mooner 2013年3月9日上午5:43 
Yeah I completely agree.....nice graphics but very shallow in terms of gameplay. It feels too much like I'm watching a movie and the puzzles are laughable really. I'm quite worried as alot of recent games are playing out like this one. I like the advancement it graphics but the gameplay is seriously lacking. The combat is much better now than the earlier games but the balance is wromg as the Tomb Raider games were and should be puzzle solving games.
Sinty 2013年3月9日上午5:47 
You are right though, its a sad truth. The current generation of gamers need their games to be this simple. It is only tomb raider in name, what a great way to put it.

Bob_Sagat 2013年3月9日上午6:20 
引用自 Andromeda
Beyond that, how does one like me..."ye gamer of they 90s" ... enjoy this game? I am not sure older fans who played the original Tomb Raider games for days if not weeks on end will enjoy this game.

I'm a gamer of the 90's (and the 80's *sadface) and I played the original Tomb Raiders. With that said, I enjoyed this game as much as the first two games in the series, and more than every game beyond those.

I think the reason that I enjoyed this game was that I didn't buy it for the chance at a challenge, and to be honest that wasn't why I ever played Tomb Raider. I was always pretty good at the games so I can't recall struggling much in the earlier titles. I actually enjoyed them because I just liked the character and the Indiana Jones concept, not to mention the first Tomb Raider was technically quite advanced when it released and had a lot of associated "wow" factor.

I do love challenging games, but I guess the type of games that I seek out for a challenge are just different, and so I never ended up suffering a disappointment with this title.

I wrote a relatively long, semi-coherent post about the things I liked in the game, and I'd stand by them in the face of most criticisms. But, I also respect your opinion and I thought you conveyed it well. Now, if Crystal Dynamics decides to make a legitimately challenging Tomb Raider game using the mechanics (such as the perfectly executed buttonless cover system) that they've polished in this game, I'd be all the more excited to see it.
最后由 Bob_Sagat 编辑于; 2013年3月9日上午7:01
Synavix 2013年3月9日上午6:42 
^^ Agreed with Bob_Sagat. OP made a lot of very valid complaints about the game that I'd generally agree with, but at the same time I enjoyed the game overall and consider it one of my favorites. I think one of the reasons I stick by this game so much is that if it does get a sequal, there is so much room for improvement even above and beyond what it already is, which is excellent. The core mechanics are all there. The combat is very smooth and fluid, the cover system is great, the control scheme is very natural (minus some valid complaints about QTE, but I'm talking more controlling Lara in the world), and the setting and graphics are great (minus bugs/glitches). If they took all that and simply made larger tombs and better puzzles, it'd be pretty much everything I'd want. I suppose an argument could also be made for slightly more open-world or surivival mechanics, but I wouldn't want to lose the "adventure platformer" style of the game in order to get more of those.
Amber 2013年3月9日上午6:48 
I enjoy this game, but not in the same way I enjoyed playing through all of the other Tomb Raider games (beat them all at least once).

I miss the puzzles that actually took a little thought to figure out, and I dislike that the game feels very linear. I haven't beat the game yet, but I feel like I might be getting close. I'm a little disappointed with its length after being so excited to play a new TR title. I'm guessing they made it short so they can pump out a ton of DLC.

One thing I did enjoy was the weapon system, skill point system and how you can use the bow, though I felt like when you had to use the rope shot, they made it very obvious.

I am enjoying this as an action game (it reminds me a little of Uncharted), but it just doesn't have it's old tomb raider "feel" that I love.
Sinty 2013年3月9日上午6:49 
Thank you for the comments! The folly of the game is that it is not a Tomb Raider game, yet its called Tomb Raider. TOMB RAIDER became synonymous with puzzle solving, challening platforming and that overall sense of needing to fully explore everything in the environment. Based on that, I cannot cosider it a great Tomb Raider game, because the new rebranded product is inferior to the original. As a TOMB RAIDER game, it failed. As a " general video game" it was extremely well made. Without the main character named Lara Croft and Tomb Raider in the title, you'd never know it was a Tomb Raider game.

So, thats why I scored it low. It was like rebooting a Mortal Kombat, but this time there are no fatalities and you don't get to fight Kahn, Goro or Shang at the end, even when they were hyped through the entire game lol. My point being, whatever MK was, it is no longer that way in the reboot. They did the same with this Raider game. Its not Tomb Raider. The rebooted Lara will never really be LARA CROFT if they continue on that path and the next games follow suit to the game styling of this one. Just my opinions on it though. :)
THISaint 2013年3月9日上午6:51 
Talk about multiplayer... 4vs4 multiplayer. Huh. 4 peopel can even play with the same characters <---- LOL
angelvalis 2013年3月9日上午7:01 
I'm also an 80's/90's gamer. I played the first Tomb Raider (don't remember if I finished it) and on eof the un-numbered ones (don't remember which, though I did finish it), and I liked them quite a bit.

However, I really like this new one. I didn't find it difficult, but I also didn't find it mind-numbingly easy either (looking at you Torchlight II...). I've also spent most of the game running between 20-25fps (on an Intel 3000 HD integrated chipset) and it kept (and is still keeping) me interested in playing it more...though the first half of Shanty Town is horribly evil and nearly unplayable, sometimes dropping as low as about 5 fps (opening that gate was literally painful).

Sure, the tomb puzzles were really easy, but I kinda think this game was really supposed to be more about the story and setting things up. Lara isn't some world-renown, globe-trotting badass. She's a student who becomes (due to her situation) a badass. Hopefully future games will have more and more well integrated puzzles.

I have to say though...I remember the old Tomb Raider games being just about as linear as this one. Maybe you had access to larger areas, but didn't you still have to solve all the puzzles in a certain order to progress?

Sorry if this just seems like I'm's 10am and I haven't been to sleep yet.......
fatwednesdayite 2013年3月9日上午7:05 
Great review Andromeda. I completed the game today and must say that the experience was very enjoyable. As has been pointed out previously, this is not the old "Tomb Raider". The days of spending a week on a single level where a challenge after challenge makes you want to tear your hair out are gone.

It was pointed out above: the new Tomb Raider is simple and not too challenging. While there were a couple of sequences which took me a bit longer to work out, most of the puzzles and the laughable "Optional Tombs" were straightforwrard. I still remember having a minscule heart-attack when I completed the first optional tomb and was left with 250 salvage and 100xp as a reward. It would be a good idea to actually be able to view a recovered artefact.

The main reason behind this process of simplifying the game is obviously the fear of antagonising immature gamers which jump into a game expecting to senslessly bash and blow things up without using too many brain cells. This is a reboot and it is not a mystery that--while they did their best-- Crystal Dynamics have clearly targeted new gamers and attempted to draw brand new customers rather than the base of fans that have been with Tomb Raider since the 90s.

Realistically, there are now two camps of Tomb Raider gamers. Team one has the experience of playing the old Tomb Raiders as far as the 1990s. They understand the essence of the game well and naturally, the new TR is not good enough for them. It is too simple, straightforward, almost too modern. The other group are new gamers that play Tomb Raider because it has been given a modern revamp. They recognise what they want in the game, plough through the main campaign in 10 hours, get to level 50 on the multiplayer and feel satisfied.

Personally, I enjoyed the game. The story is still strong, interesting and engaging. Although it is nothing like the old Raiders, it still retains the same excitement that I felt when completing Legend or Underworld. The character of Lara Croft has been preserved well and I would say that it survived the "modernisation" of the game. As to what comes next, I really do not know. I get the feeling that this game is good but not good enough. At the moment I cannot say whether future Tomb Raider games will drift away from the old model even further or whether Crystal Dynamics decide to return to the game's roots. Let's hope for the best!
Sirius Texra 2013年3月9日上午7:06 
What the hell is going on here. The old tomb raiders are far more linear than this one is. It's practically open world for christs sake.

The original tomb raider gameplay sucked anyway. Puzzles were notorious for being hard for the sake of being so and didn't really require skills in anyway. They were practically just "doh, I see now" moments rather than "aha!" moments. Let's not harp on about the original tomb raiders like they were masterpieces themselves, they weren't.

I consider this game a healthy initial starting over. It has basic mechanics established and a good visuals style and platforming system.

You should be glad Lara is getting attention again. This means the sequel to this game will be far more looked after now that this one is a hit. Likely eidos/square weren't completely confident in the selling power of tomb raider as of late, and I can't blame them after the last few.

As such, the puzzle complexity and certain gameplay things are certainly much simpler and streamlined, but don't forget, more realistic. As if in the real world someones going to walk into a cave where some beach bum layed out a big elaborate sequence of beams/ropes and ledges to jump to to reach his "booty".

The puzzles in the game border on the grounded. Small feats that would be marvelled at in reality, practicle puzzles. It's safe to say now that the game is a success we'll get a nicely expanded apon sequel with a longer better story and better puzzles and other things.

Fans should be supporting the game, not dissing it. It means Tomb Raider has a healthy looking at once again. The game is certainly fun and personally, the best Max Payne game ever made :P
Bob_Sagat 2013年3月9日上午7:08 
引用自 Cuddlebunz
I miss the puzzles that actually took a little thought to figure out, and I dislike that the game feels very linear. I haven't beat the game yet, but I feel like I might be getting close. I'm a little disappointed with its length after being so excited to play a new TR title. I'm guessing they made it short so they can pump out a ton of DLC.

Time will tell, and this game would certainly lend itself well to some DLC, but I'm not sure how much of a role that played in the game's length. They didn't release a bevy of day 1 tombs at premium prices and they haven't really hinted at what's to come.

The reason I think the game is actually a little shorter (relative to some games) was how much technical effort went into what is already there. I realize this game won't get a lot of acclaim for its technical execution of combat and stealth and cover mechanics because those are not things that really matter to its older core fanbase. But, these are all things that they did so well that the majority of them are genre-leading in their execution now. It was a 4 year production and to me it feels like they spent 4 years doing their best to refine the aspect of actually playing Lara Croft. In that regard they hit the ball out of the park because her controls are almost flawless and I can't really think of a game recently that gave me less headaches with controls.

I could be wrong, but that's the impression that I've gotten after playing the game and having a quite a bit of games to look back on in reference. I really felt like the product was super focused and many of the technical aspects were super polished. It's a bit of a shame that Nvidia 600 series cards are having issues, but those are things that should be resolved by the end of the month and then what will everyone be left with? A prime example of how to build the controls for a character in a 3rd person game.

引用自 angelvalis
I have to say though...I remember the old Tomb Raider games being just about as linear as this one. Maybe you had access to larger areas, but didn't you still have to solve all the puzzles in a certain order to progress?

Sorry if this just seems like I'm's 10am and I haven't been to sleep yet.......

Yes, Tomb Raider has always been a playground game but ultimately a linear experience in the games that I've played. The new one really didn't change much in this regard.
最后由 Bob_Sagat 编辑于; 2013年3月9日上午7:10
bioteckk 2013年3月9日上午7:12 
Game is ok but yes it feels dumbed down, AUTO COVER, AUTO RUN, AUTO UNFOLDING WEAPON, AUTO TORCH LIGHT.......all these things could be done manually damn it if I want to be spotted because I do not crouch thats my problem CD.
Bob_Sagat 2013年3月9日上午7:15 
引用自 SiriusTexra
The game is certainly fun and personally, the best Max Payne game ever made :P

Could you just imagine a Max Payne game with controls and mechanics that are as fluid and competent as Tomb Raider's? My heart's aflutter.
If you going to rebooted at least have some damn traps in the game not a one yea it had puzzles but there were weak and if i've been list as a complainer of this game its my right so first impression of this title suppose to be survival and what i saw lara put in diffcult postions and they call it survival and if it took them four yrs to do this so you and i as a gamer suppose to support this short azz mess with no replayablity cuz it took them fours years to make who cares this game is a hot mess This is what i call, i want to grab all the money i can get before people catch on title simply put the reviews for this game is all hype. But to call this game survival game is beyond me what was to point in having the survival skills and the camps if she going to hunt and not eat the game she kill are you kidding me. False advertisment. This game probably awesome to the child minded folks but a real gamer can see through all the mabeline and this game suk point blank. I approve op message boy was i po'd
最后由 Smooth Chocolate 编辑于; 2013年3月9日上午8:11
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