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skippyjohnson 2014年2月11日下午7:46
Game causes restart every 10 minutes!
When I'm playing the game, the computer suddenly restarts. This occurs every 10 minutes while I'm playing. Please Help!
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Dr.Disaster 2014年2月12日上午5:13 
Sounds like a heat problem to me causing a system reset.
PR3D4T0R 2014年2月12日上午5:44 
As Dr.Disaster said, it´s a heat problem. Check your GPU and CPU temperatures using HWMonitor ->
GoBucks76 2014年2月12日上午8:24 
If nothing else, buy a can of compressed air and blow the dust bunnies out of the system - if it's a desktop make sure to clear all the fans (cpu, gpu and any case fans as well...) - harder to do on a laptop but at least make sure you have the airflow vents cleared...
Skunk 2014年2月12日下午1:27 
引用自 Dr.Disaster
Sounds like a heat problem to me causing a system reset.
Most probably yes, It happend to me on my old computer only while playing Battlefield BC2 and Medal of Honor 2010 (same graphic engine), the PC was really heating up on high details.

So try to lower the details for a while see if it stops.
skippyjohnson 2014年2月12日下午5:36 
I already tried lowering the graphics. It still restarted.
Dr.Disaster 2014年2月13日上午3:08 
Make sure your system isn't overheating i.e. with a tool like HWMonitor named above. When it does overheat clean coolers, fans, air ducts and so on, try cranking up fan speeds or even opening the case.

If it still overheats you're out of such simple options and prolly need to face hardware problems.
GoBucks76 2014年2月13日上午7:08 
Skippy - if you really want some help you need to provide more information than "it keeps restarting". We have no idea what you're trying to run the game on - how about providing some system information?

CPU, GPU, operating system, installed ram, desktop or laptop system, etc...
skippyjohnson 2014年2月18日下午6:53 
Sorry. I haven't had time to check Steam for a while;I should have some time in the next few days.
I have:
Windows 8.1 Pro 32 bit
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6850 @ 3.00GHz, 3000 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
Total Physical Memory 3.25 GB
NVIDIA GeForce GT 440
Pigeon 2015年2月8日上午12:07 
It overheats my pc too, I think it's an issue with shoddy work adapting the game for PC. I haven't found any real solutions. You can clean out the heat dissipating devices like fans and such, but that's probably not going to solve the problem.
rek0204 2015年10月19日下午6:09 
Pretty sure it's NOT a heat problem guys, I just had my system professionally cleaned and checked because of this issue. Everything I could find said the same thing, "It's a heat problem, blow the machine out". Well, they did that, then checked my system and said that my SSD was failing and charged me $400 for replacing it with a bigger one, cloning the data, and cleaning the system. They tried the game for a few minutes and said, "problem solved". Guess what? Problem NOT solved. Still happens, anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes after starting to play the game, and there's not a hot spot to be found on my system anywhere. My entire system (ASUS G75ZW) feels cool to the touch.
Dr.Disaster 2015年10月20日上午5:31 
引用自 rek0204
My entire system (ASUS G75ZW) feels cool to the touch.
There is no need to touch anything. Just run a tool like MSI Afterburner that tells how warm your components are and watch while playing as shown here:
skippyjohnson 2015年10月21日下午8:17 
Thanks for the help guys, I updated my build and my problems are all fixed (:
Ralonso 2015年10月24日下午2:31 
What do you mean exactly by "updating your build"? And how did you do that?
最后由 Ralonso 编辑于; 2015年10月24日下午2:31
Paige 아연 2015年10月25日上午6:03 
引用自 skippyjohnson
Thanks for the help guys, I updated my build and my problems are all fixed (:

good job

can i know your current pc specification
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