Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

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Black Ops 2 'Steam must be running to play this game'
Black Ops 2 'Steam must be running to play this game'
I reinstalled steam and the game
restarted steam and pc
nothing work can someone help me :(?
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are you truing to exit steam, while playing, because steam is the application it runs through. If you are not trying to exit, are you maybe launching through a shortcut? if so try launching it directly from steam. If that doesn't work, then im not quite sure, maybe if you have one of those apps, that shuts off unnnecesary running programs, maybe its trying to close steam.
Is Tune Upp a problem? And now the game dont starts, no steam must be running just nothing hpapen
to be honest, im really not sure, sounds quite weird, If I were you, I would contact steam support.just go up into help, then click steam support, and a page will come up, with game, or steam...choose either, and to the right there will be an option that says if you cant find answer contact support, and there you can ask your problem.
Despair 24 dec., 2012 @ 21:57 
I have this problem too :(
now my black ops 2 says nothing when i start it...
try to delete the clientregistry.blob file so that steam has to do a complete update. That worked for my dad.
Despair 25 dec., 2012 @ 23:46 

dont sugest verify cahce restart computer reistall steam or black ops 2 that stuff dont work i need a fix or something it has been a whole day i have had this game here not able to play i am going to die now :(
Me too :(
this just started happening to me
i just gotta exit steam and run it again
Coldef 21 feb., 2013 @ 15:27 
This same sht is happening to me, too. When I deleted clientregistry.blob, and started up the Steam, it didnt update. Tried it a few times and still, it just starts Steam normally. The file just reappears in the folder.
Always run Steam as an administrator. Start with turning off windows defender and any antivirus and firewall programs also turn UAC off. Then verify all your local files through steam as an administrator while in online mode. After all 3 games are fully verifed and updated change Steam to offline mode still as an administrator. When Steam starts back up in offline mode then pick Campaign and hit play and see if the game opens, it should if it doesn't you may have some other issue going on; If you get Campaign to run great play in offline mode. Then the next step is a trying it with Steam in the online mode as as administrator and the above programs turned off. I spent hours trying to get this POS game to run and this is the only way it would start. By doing this I got it to run in offline mode and online mode. But Zombies still does not work for me. The game is a POS port from a console so your luck will very.

Deleting files is probably not a good idea.
For anyone trying to play Black Ops 2 in offline mode with Steam, this is what worked for me.

1- Start Steam in offline mode.

2- Open steam window and go to settings.

3- Select Cloud

4- Uncheck The Enable Steam Cloud syncronization for applications which support it

And now it should start up in offline mode.

Strangely this also fixed a unrelated problem I had which was being unable to skip the intro Video scene when pushing the controller button or the esc or enter key on the keyboard.


Sweeeeeetttttt :)

Note: Will have to recheck this when playing online.
I had the same problem simple solution is to go to COD properties and make sure it is NOT set to run as admin or it will give you the steam must be running fatal error, odd but it fixed it after 2 hours of tinkering for me.
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