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Gave up trying to activate
Originally bought this on Stardock's original Impulse platform from the UK, now since it was taken over by Gamestop in the US it won't let me login to activate anymore from the UK. So I bought it on steam thinking it would be easier, right? Well guess what the same window telling me to activate pops up saying I can't log in without registering. But I already have a stardock account but it doesn't work anymore since I created it in Impulse and takes me to the US link on the US webpage for Gamestop.

Every link to register *again* with a different email address gives me an email that the link goes to the US but the link doesn't work. Contacted stardock support with BOTH my Stardock accounts but have not received a reply in well over a week.

Gave up trying.
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Gun Frontier Oct 24, 2013 @ 12:27am 
Question: Have you deleted your previous version and re install the Steam version ?

Yup, even tried different computers. I get the activation page on Steam and just cannot progress regardless of details. When I enter the key and try to create a new account it says the key is invalid. Still nothing back from support. Do they support their products? Or is it because they don't support UK customers?

A sent a note to Gamestop support who advised me that my region and location is able to work but it shouldn't be redirecting my account to them. A response in three hours, quite suprising really.

Guess being a UK customer means you can be ignored. Shame was a Stardock customer previously, this is a joke. Anyone from Stardock on this forum I can at least try to contact?
As with my first post it won't let me activate.

Looking into it further it directly contradicts what the developer said previously.


Quote: Naturally, some peple have taken the conclusion that because we don't have copy protection on our game, that we invite piracy. That is not the case, we simply think there are other ways to stop piracy than CD checks, strict DRM, etc.[/b]
Marvin Oct 25, 2013 @ 11:57am 
There's a possible fix for the activation problem:;3409693
Many thanks Marvin that worked! Thank you. :)

Still not heard anything apart from a generic email response from my support tickets or emails from Stardock so I can only assume the UK is not officially supported.

This entire debacle has left me with a bad taste in my mouth, I was going to play the game again when I heard about GalCiv 3 coming out, but it has left me wondering if I have a problem with GalCiv 3 on the day of release - who will help? What if it comes to steam and fails to activate in the UK or the key doesn't work? Where do I go for support?

I was thinking on preordering GalCiv 3 when it's available but based on this nightmare it's probably not a wise investment.
Marvin Oct 26, 2013 @ 2:08am 
I've always found it quicker to open up a forum post with an issue. If they remember a similar issue, the forum regulars can point you to an answer quite quickly. Failing that someone from Stardock usually answers.

I think that e-mail support can be a bit slow (not to mention unreliable) so you may want to consider chasing up on the forums if you haven't heard back in some time.
kryo Oct 26, 2013 @ 6:48am 
Email is generally preferred for registration-related issues in particular since that may require private information like your serial key and email address. Support should typically turn tickets around within two business days.

If you're seeing tickets appear to go unaddressed for long periods, responses might be getting spam filtered. If you're sure they are not getting filtered out, if you post your ticket number on the official forums we can find what's holding it up and get it sorted.

For any other technical issues, please post on the official forums or email support. We don't monitor forums hosted by Steam or any other store.
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