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[GIVEAWAY] Thanks for joining us at Gamescom 2023!
The Ara: History Untold team has been so overjoyed to meet you all and are looking forward to seeing even more of you Gamescom attendees throughout the week!

To show our appreciation we are giving away a Custom Ara: History Untold PC designed by Justin Robey for those of you who stopped by our Gamescom booth. We are collecting entries from August 23 8PM CEST to August 27.

To enter, tell us in the replies to this discussion what your favorite thing at Gamescom was. We will randomly select a winner from the replies at the end of Gamescom.

Full T&C’s here:
(Link available beginning August 23rd, 8PM CEST)
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Warload27 Aug 23 @ 12:58pm 
The Xbox Fan Fest, with Starlink Gameplay/Trailer
xC00K1E Aug 23 @ 5:02pm 
My favorite part of gamescom 2023 so far has been meeting new people and developers and discussing games, as well as attending the Xbox Fan Fest :)
Kunovega Aug 23 @ 5:25pm 
The gameplay trailer for Phantom Liberty and the 2.0 update for Cyberpunk.

It's a pretty sparse event for me so far when the first thing to peak my interest was an existing game getting an update.

But I don't expect to buy much more this year anyway, I've still got many hours left of BG3 and Armored Core 6 comes out tomorrow so I'm pretty set for things to do for a while.
froztend Aug 23 @ 11:50pm 
My favourite part of gamescom 2023 was the starfield and ara presentation, as well as the new PC build showcases.
Sike Mhiva Aug 24 @ 12:03am 
For me it was the big variety of indiegames present this year, which also hadn‘t too much waiting time to play. It was also nice to have some physical activity at the ninja warrior parcour as a contrast to only standing in line.
Your game was also one of the few which I really look forward to after the presentation. After a quick research I only saw a Single player mode. Will it stay that way?
Das Gameplay hat echt cool ausgesehen und ich werde das Spiel spielen
Dr Rage Aug 24 @ 12:40am 
Mir hat am besten an der Gamescom gefallen die schön gestalteten Flächen der Aussteller.
For me the greatest part was meeting a dev from Path of exiles and then I got distracted by the Ara stand, they were sooo nice to me! Thank you
R0ga Aug 24 @ 1:23am 
The Xbox Booth
Mi parte favorita por ahora ha sido la zona de xbox donde he podido ver stands de títulos muy conocidos y ordenadores o consolas personalizadas. Sin duda es el mejor evento en el que he estado!!
Für mich war das beste ein nettes Gespräch mit einem der Jungs am Lego -Stand, die Nintendo Area und die Präsentation von Starfield. Auch von Ara war ich sehr positiv überrascht, da ich vorher noch nie von dem Spiel gehört hatte und eigentlich kein Fan von rundenbasierten Strategiespielen bin. Wishlisted!
I loved how the gaming community enjoyed playing new games and collecting loot :)
Eben erst angekommen und gleich zu Ara gelaufen, empfehlenswert.
Arrald Aug 24 @ 2:04am 
So far it has been the Starfield Gameplay/Trailer but I am still waiting to see ARA
honestly, Ara was the most interesting game I saw during the gamescom livestream.
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