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<Spoilers!> Share your opinions about the story
I just finished this game. I really liked it. But what got me wondering after the end was the story. I can only guess what it's about. (WARNING: contains spoilers. only proceed if you have finished the game entirely!)

The game starts on a floating island where all the Toki tori birds live. Then suddenly something goes wrong. All the birds flee in that giant ball shaped thing. You are the only one left cause you couldn't fit in.
At some point you are under the city. And you see that that big crystal thing is broken. And that is the reason things are getting worse on the island. And to restore it you need the frogs. They seem to have some power.
Next what you do is collect them all. And once you have done that the island lands/crashes back onto earth. (near Easter Island I think, because of the statues with the big heads on the background in the paradise level) Also it seems like the Toki Tori birds used to live there because of the big statue which can be found there (looks like the liberty statue, is also an achievement)

At that point the game is basically over. You are like a hero for the other birds.
All left to do is collect the remaining items. (not to complete the story. All you needed for that was collecting the frogs) Once you have all the items you can get the wings, but they don't really serve any purpose besides the fact that you can get a couple of achievements.

It felt to me like the developers could have done more with the wings. That little obstacle course you get after getting them was nice, but it didn't really add anything. Or am I missing anything?

So what are your thoughts? You think the same about the story? Did I miss anything?
And what are your thoughts about the wings?
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come on....nobody has an opinion?
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