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4Nou Jan 29, 2014 @ 2:42am
I admit, I played Everquest II a bit more - but not on this account.

Everquest II from just a few more hours playing at high level is the same feeling you get when playing a pre-made World of Warcraft L90 character.
It's a feeling that those same spells you got by the time your were L10 or L20 were going to persist all the way to L90 and just let you know one more agonising time that they were still there, only -
with much bigger numbers and at least 6 or 8 passive effects going off whenever you touched any of the icon buttons that set off another icon button to an effect that it was passively telling you it was doing something very slightly different.
And you appear to be wearing a Fashion Show remit with OLED.

Then you reach "Moors of Ykesha" in Everquest II - and that about wraps it up. The End. I am done here. "Farewell", sort of thing.
Moors of Ykesha. It's like fairy dust was intended but it accidentally got mixed with a compound that induces vomiting and acute diarrhea the longer you use it.
Moors of Ykesha spells the end of Everquest II, because Everquest II in the beginning is really good and then by the time you get to L50, the steep spiral curve downward into "I don't think you get what it is that we want", by possibly several million gamers who aren't playing it anymore since getting there, has permanently damaged changing their minds about it.
It damages their minds so badly they start talking about their Wife or Husband out of context.

Moors of Ykesha going from Antonica to say, Enchanted Lands, is like the very worst thing I could ask a Lunatic to do with a Cat in a Cage and a gallon of petrol.

Everquest II does it better than anything World of Warcraft does to a greater or lesser degree depending how you feel about it all.
But in Everquest II something drastically bad happens. It goes from "This looks like a model of the real world" to "this looks like someone had a beef with the player base and liked Quake 1's visual appeal".

When it comes down to it, Pandaria fits into World of Warcraft like the Titanic fits into your local swimming pool. Pandaria in World of Warcraft is Blizzard's way of telling the gamers that "this is what we can do", and the gamers reply, "I don't think you get what it is that we want."
But they don't listen. They don't listen because SIGGRAPH called. Gamers just aren't even on the radar.

It's the same thing in a slightly different situation with what happens in Everquest II.

Pandaria is a continent made by Blizzard that so completely and utterly fails - and misses the point - that at one time when I was playing in Pandaria, I must have not realised just how badly Blizzard is ignoring Azeroth pre-TBC and just going out there and "Siggraphing" the sh*t out of themselves to some other outward bent.

Pandaria in World of Warcraft must have been to Horde Players as to Alliance Players are to an online YouTube video not being pulled because it had a Rabbit being stomped on by a Pirate in Booty Bay and then its head was detached from its body and stuck on the walls at Stormwind's main gate.
I hope I've gotten my point across concerning this.

Pandaria is Blizzard Entertainment getting it wrong about what WoW is to (was) 12M subscribers for 5 years.
Pandaria is Blizzard Entertainment repeating what they did to Azshara in Cataclysm.
Pandaria is Blizzard Entertainment giving it everything it deserves and then "burning the grass" before it to get "new growth".

"New Growth" as in "Less Of It For The Remainder They've Got Left".

Pandaria in World of Warcraft is the best you can get out of "style over substance".
Style: a particular procedure by which something is done.
Substance: a particular kind of matter with uniform properties.

What Blizzard Entertainment is doing is stomping over that to get to some kind of "Siggraphing Award" whilst rimming the remaining "WoW Subscribers" that may or may not exist since 2005.
It doesn't matter if they (the Original players) dislike the direction you have gone.
It doesn't matter if they (the Original players) dislike the changes you have made.

--"What does matter is if the start isn't contiguous throughout its duration."--
What's worst is Blizzard Entertainment has not been "contiguous through its duration".
Blizzard Entertainment climbed a Mountain, Froze To Death, And Then Got Uncovered.

Blizzard Entertainment have 7M active subscribers in 2014 instead of, by now - and by my estimates -
FIFTEEN MILLION, when it was... you know, still 2010.

When did that become normal?

The harm starts when Game Developers start looking at Gamers as if they're vending machines. You put the coin in, the results weren't expected, so you kick it hard. When the results of it drop out of it, you place an advert on it that says, "don't kick this machine" and then on the back of the wall just above it you have somebody's Life on a poster to the effect that "You could be like this one day, but you're not going to get it. Please be happy."

That publicity stunt about how great World of Warcraft is, with all these strangely patterning and interlacing facts and figures and then making it look like kiddie-land, is proof that they're slipping into "EA Syndrome".
"EA Syndrome?", you say.
EA: a particlar kind of game company who substantiate change by digression.
Syndrome: a character in The Incredibles who monologues a certainty based upon a standing of complete control.

Everquest II and World of Warcraft share the same fate.
Fate: the development of events outside a Gamer's control.
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Dreusyla Arashi Jan 29, 2014 @ 10:40am 
comparing eq2 to wow? i think you need your head examined, soe is hardly treating its playerbase like blizzard does and the games still a thousand times more immersive than wow is
4Nou Jan 30, 2014 @ 2:10am 
I did have it examined. I've got a double crown with a small peaked bump at the back.

EQII and WoW are the same thing. What's more, WoW is copying EQII... again.

This word has become so strong within its use by the Gaming Population, that it is now described on the Internet as having an affluent connection to the Games Industry and 3D graphics in such a way as to make you think it's "Rich in Connotation".

"Affluent", you say?
Yes. It's when a word is so used in much the same way that you throw money onto a fire and expect the flames to rise higher...
wait a minute, they probably do -
and there's my point.

EQII and WoW aren't immersive. They're both perversive.

What they're [Game developers in MMO] both starting to do is what Harrods of London have done for decades.
Put stuff in a shop window that nobody wants, but make it feel special. "Really Special".
You're "Really Special" if you buy it. Even if you can't afford to, you better have it - because otherwise, you look like a tramp.

Gamers are being perceived by Game Developers as nothing more than Tramps wandering about either outside their game, or within it.
Here's a SHOP button. Press that. Press it now. Buy it. Now you're not a tramp.

What Gamers want to do is earn it. They don't want to Grind Faction. They don't want to be forced into difficult gaming mechanics because you want them to spend hours and hours and hours getting a stupid thing.
They want to earn it in such a way as not to be treated like an idiot.

Here's an explanation of why I know what I know.

Posted by Taepsilum (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
"I know that for those of you who are just not interested at all in the store, these changes might seem somewhat redundant or even a bit annoying. I get that, I really do."

The biggest mistake in this post is the last 6 words of that sentence.
"I get that, I really do."

In the psychology circle, this is an indication that the individual is in a position to otherwise ignore all danger; take the high ground - a greater judgement - to facilitate an irreversible decision.
That you are, infact, nothing more than an irritation and that "I get that, I really do" and talking down to "Tramp Gamers".

How many times gamers have to warn Game Developers about SHOPPING FOR F* ITEMS I don't know, but pretty damn soon, games like EQII, WoW, Planetside 2 et al, are going to crash hard and take down half the Game Industry with it.

All these Game Developers are doing is taking a deliberate shift away from the effort needed to produce excellence, and instead resort to nothing more than the "Hard Sell".

There are stupid people out there in the world and lots of them.
But unfortunately, stupid is as stupid does: "an intelligent person who does stupid things is still stupid."

The result is a cancellation of whatever it was that was intended to be good for the better of the one.
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Thundorz Jan 30, 2014 @ 8:49am 
I enjoyed adventuring in the Moors.
4Nou Jan 30, 2014 @ 9:18am 
Originally posted by Thundorz:
I enjoyed adventuring in the Moors.

I can see that you did; but if you could put the knife down... easy does it.

Dreusyla Arashi Jan 31, 2014 @ 9:00pm 
did you come here to make a point? or were you just here to insult and troll the gamers that still enjoy the good stories that are heavily woven into the worlds of everquest? some of us even play it because its relaxing and fun, personally i enjoy it as its the only mmorpg that has the ability to make me completely ignore the exp bar and levels while i quest and play my character.
so far what i have seen in the last few days of you posting is just insults and filth about how you dislike some concepts of it i have my doubts that you did any more than just read a few articles and watch a few boring youtube videos then come posting crappy opinions on this forum to deter other future players, i pose this question, have you played this game at all before passing judgement?
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4Nou Feb 1, 2014 @ 3:49pm 
You're laying blame where it doesn't belong.

It belongs here:


Blame that sh*t.
That's your future in MMORPG right there.

Just do what you Everquest II players do best; take sh*t and put up with it for 10 years.
RandomWizard Feb 1, 2014 @ 4:50pm 
Played everquest off and on since 2001 and quite enjoy the new ideas coming to everquest next. A minecraft-ish MMO could be fun. Early to judge it now, just hope they can deliver.
JustJay Feb 7, 2014 @ 7:48am 
Just to be clear. Everquest Next isnt minecraftish. thats Everquest Next Landmark. 2 very different things
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