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Magic: The Gathering – Tactics

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imminence Oct 11, 2013 @ 4:05am
Casting and talents
Playing this game for some hours now, I can't figure out how some things work:

1) I have plenty of mana, am not surrounded or flanked by enemies, my cast bar is full of creatures but I can't cast one, not even the cheapest. Why?

2) Talent tree
a) When I play with only one colour, the second talent (cast only this colour) is useless, right?
b) The fourth talent says "Avatar gets a strength of 10 and reach". I put 3 or 4 points into that but I can't see any difference on the playfield. What is "Strength" in this context? With "reached" I understand, that I can shoot over a distance, but I can't.

I've read a lot in some forums and noticed many posts about a "broken talent tree". What is "broken"? Not working at all or under-/overpowered?

Many posts here warn about the game. I've read them and am about to build my own opinion.
So, please reply only, if you have an idea about my questions and do NOT reply just to tell me to delete the game. Thx in advance. :)

EDIT: No replies at all after 10 hours? So I guess, this game is dead, right?
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