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Tips for two-handed Engineer?
I am only about level 12 now and left my Outlander at level 33, will go back at some point. But I like trying builds out. I've been smushing stuff pretty handily with just putting points in Strength and Vitality and a few in Dex. Reason is, I think I might need some dodging without a shield and being close. DPS right now is better than my Outlande at 280-350 with this nifty unique hammer I found. In the other slot I put a cannon but I'm wondering if there is another opttion? It seems I might need to go heavy D (I only plan on doing Normal) but would a bit of range hurt, since they have perks for that? Then they also have shield perks too. What are the choices if I need or would like to, do something different in the other slot. Any advice appreciated. I don't mind smashing but don't think I can do summons for long with low focus. I tried out health bot, seems good but for how long?
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What are you asking exactly? I want to help but I'm not sure what you want..
Ziel 11. říj. 2012 v 15.16 
The health bot does wonders for me, not necessarily because of the health but because he'll also regenerate mana starting at level 5. This will really help if you want to keep summoning ♥♥♥♥.
Early on I focused my engineer all in strength and health but then moved to getting the gunbot and healthbot leveled up (when I was in the 20-30 range) and once everything caught up I went back to strength/health when leveling. I try to keep a good amount of health/mana regen socketables equipped to make up for no shield and my ignorance towards the dodge stat.

Part of the fun is figuring out how to best fit your own play style, but that's the route I went and basically created a tank style engineer with a small crew to help out.
I also tried to buy at least 1 level of the passive stats (except for the shield one) because any passive % at a bonus is better than none in my opinion.
If you're going for a 2-handed build, I'd say max Heavy Lifting, Fire and Spark, Bulwark, Forcefield and Healing Bot. If you decide to add points to F&S, you should totally max Emberquake, since you'll get the extra fire dmg to EQ's base fire dmg. Also, in my honest opinion, add points to Charge Reconstitution (Gain HP when using charge) and Charge Domination (chance to get full charge bar after landing a hit), that way, you'll get extra dmg absorb from Forcefield and you'll get HP right after using it

Immobilization Copter is worth at least one point (haven't seen how much elec. dmg they can do at tier 2), same for Gun Bot (though higher level, less CD time (30 seconds at tier 3) and shot range). Spider Mines are at least worth at least up to Tier 1. Dmg doesn't increase too much between levels except for summon time.

As for stats, there are variants. Full STR (mostly for high DPS weapons), STR and DEX (crit dmg and chance), STR and FOC (base dmg and EQ dmg boost) and full FOC (full boost to EQ dmg).

Right now, I'm a (nearly) full STR engineer at lv 74, with a few points in FOC after getting 600 total STR (300+300). The dmg isn't bad (aprox 20-22k crit dmg), though my defense is ridiculously low, which means I need to rely on Forcefield, my pet (with Heal All), helicopter for crowd control and my healing bot. Spider Mines and Gun Bot are mostly used on boss rooms.
So this is good to think about thanks. I got to level 20 before I read this. One tough fight against that Clovenhoof boss dude but I didn't die. I guess my main concern was putting too little in Vitality and what I could do with the other weapon slot. Do I just put another two-hand in there or is ok to mess around with a cannon too? Is a 3--1-1 ratio for Str-Dex-Vit a bad idea? Or a shield/sword? Right now iirc I have 60 Str, 35 dex and Vit and nothing in Focus. Started Emberquake and Heavy Lifting. I think I will pursue those. definitely. Yeah, maybe I worry too much just in normal but I know some of these bosses with their minions are not easy so wanted to check. But is Emberquake bad with no focus? I guess it needs elemental so maybe I should do something else.
Naposledy upravil peetski; 12. říj. 2012 v 14.41
If you're going for the tank build, go for 1h and shield. Stats? STR and VIT

If you're going for dmg output, go for heavy lifting and emberquake. Sats? FOC
Fou-Lu 12. říj. 2012 v 17.00 
on normal you shouldn't have any problem... my 2hander uses forcefield, onslaught, and emberquake as her main skills on vet
Cutter 12. říj. 2012 v 22.59

STR - 165 (376)
DEX - 25 (44)
FOC - 75 (94)
VIT - 150 (285)

This is what I roll with on my 2H DPS Engineer. I don't even bother using anything besides Emberquake and my Bots. Flame Hammer is crap, and as soon as I find a respec pot, it will be gone in favor of something I will actually use.
The greatness of this build allows me to rely more on my Bots to blast the baddies, then I finish them off with melee or an Emberquake or three.

That's my current and future build. I'd need a stat (not skill) reset thing to test the difference between full STR, full FOC or hybrid. The same tomes, but their tier X equivalent.
I just went for FF, AoF, Charge reconstitution, shield bash, healing bot and bulwark. I focused my items on armor and mana regen. Also claws with void ember on it. The only thing i did, was shield bashing and FF casting. Most laziest build. No danger at all.
As Glocker said, if you like DPS, my build is a Forcefield + Healing Bot + Emberquake with about 5 points into each of these passsives: Bulwark (for reduction in damage and increase in armor), Fire and Spark (to help out any fire damage/electric damage and massively boost Emberquake), Charge Domination (helps you quickly get that 300% extra forcefield damage absorbtion). I actually do really good damage on Veteran and I have died maybe 4 times total in the first playthrough just because of errors in my timing.

My stats are something like this (I'm at lvl 48): Strength - 167, Dexterity - 48, Focus - 16 (I''ll be doing more focus as I get farther leveled up) and vitality - 160. I started out by just pumping Str and Vit and it made me really tanky (I curreently have over 1200 physical armor at lvl 48 XD), but I'll doing more focus to help with Emberquake, since it's reallly powerful. Good luck!
Pony 22. kvě. 2013 v 10.36 
Bulwark can be completely ignored because armor overall is utterly worthless in this game and you can max out (all) damage reduction by other means very easily - put those points into other things.
Naposledy upravil Pony; 22. kvě. 2013 v 10.36
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