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loli Oct 9, 2012 @ 12:46am
Torchlight 2 - loading data packs data pak man, PROBLEM!
Does anyone have this problem ? I try to launch TL2 and it stops at the picture ''loading data packs data pak man''
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jakgrant Oct 9, 2012 @ 12:53am 
That was a known issue after it was launched. Some suggestions were to turn steam cloud on or off.

What I'd recommend though is checking through runic's actual forums. There's lots of threads and you might be able to find what the issue is. Without more information it's hard to help.

Some people do suggest uninstalling and reinstalling. Also, for some people if you had the demo and then bought the full thing that could be a problem.

I personally had the splash screen problem, but I found what was wrong on my end, but it wasn't a problem anyone had posted. My personal crash was a dual monitor with different gfx cards in the same box. T2 didn't know which gfx card it was meant to access.

So with that example it can be lots of things, but like I suggested above checking runics forums for trouble shooting, and you may need to send them an email with a few log files, and I think they've been clearing lots of peoples issues up with that.

Ultimately, it's probably going to be something really simple as to why it's crashing for you. Just play around with a few things. I remember someone saying something about corrupted saves or problems with save games from demo to full version, caused issues.

Finally a few folders to check out on your hdd, and make sure it's all in order:
My documens\my games\runic\torchlight 2 &

I'd make sure if you do an uninstall make sure there's no runic or t2 folders left in either of the above locations or anywhere else.
loli Oct 9, 2012 @ 12:57am 
ok thx a lot
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