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Patch Notes
Released April 4, 2013

  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in a particular phase beast level
  • Fix for the final dungeon in the Ice Labs
  • Fix for exiting the Ice Labs to Frosted Hills
  • Fixes for minimap puzzle representations on some maps

  • Fixed issues with display of modded game groups in dropdown

  • Fix for visual issues on Windows XP machines.
  • Added "Waiting for response from Steam" message to ModLauncher start-up.
  • Added notification that time may be required before ModLauncher can be started when mods require updates.

  • Unit editors (monster, items, players props) now have a "folder" column in the unit list.
  • Added "find:" operator for expression filtering (i.e. "find:SuperAxe" will list all the files which contain "SuperAxe" anywhere in their data)
  • Editor no longer crashes when investing skill points wish push a skill to the next tier.
  • Modded skills no longer show twice in the skiles editor.
  • Fixed the "view folder" button in the rule set editor when viewing mod level sets.
  • Modded rule sets should no longer show twice in the rule set editor.
  • Stat lines no longer show twice when modding stat lines.
  • Fixed Progress bar UI object setting the wrong index when selecting STAT ONE and STAT TWO.
  • Fixed a number of various places were we weren't also looking for mod files when listing files in a directory.
  • Texture sheet png files are not included in the pak. So the image selector and unit editors now show valid images.
  • fixed skill UI layout browse/open buttons in the Player editor when modding.
  • fixed catagory filtering in the affix editor after modding an affix.
  • Can no longer attempt to add static unittypes in the unittypes editor.

*Steam users may need to re-validate their installation of GUTS after updating Torchlight II. (From the Steam client, go to Library -> Tools -> Right-click Torchlight II GUTS -> Properties -> Local Files tab -> Verify Integrity of Tool Cache)
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