Oil Rush
gardian06 Sep 27, 2016 @ 11:29am
game will not start from steam client play, or exe
when I click the play button in the steam client launcher_steam.bat is opened in my notepad program
@echo off cd %~dp0/bin start launcher_x86.exe -config ../data/launcher/launcher_steam.xml %*

so I tried to surcomvent the client, and go directly to the exe, and get an error box (thank you for responsibly giving a log file in direct proximity) text box included
</style></head><body> <h1><a href="http://unigine.com/">Unigine</a> log file</h1> <div class="e">11:23:11 Xml::load(): can't open "F:/SteamGames/steamapps/common/Oil Rush/bin/unigine.cfg" file</div> <div class="e">11:23:11 Config::load(): can't open "F:/SteamGames/steamapps/common/Oil Rush/bin/unigine.cfg" file</div> <div class="f">11:23:11 Engine::init(): can't initialize filesystem</div> <div class="m">11:23:26 Shutdown</div> </body></html>
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gardian06 Oct 3, 2016 @ 2:55pm 
I did some in depth checking, and found that at some point there was regestry auto run key placed for .bat files

top anser here [stackoverflow.com]

only need to delete the item that class out the specific program.
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