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[STICKY] Suggestion Thread
I started a Suggestions thread on the Paradox forums http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?641578-Suggestions
Alternatively post your suggestions for items/dlc etc here.
Последно редактиран от Ted Lindström; 24 окт. 2012 в 2:01
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Lillarpy  [разработчик] 23 окт. 2012 в 15:31 
Nice Initiative :) All Feedback is appreciated and we do our best to read it all, but a topic just for feedback is a good place to sum up it all.
To sum up my feedback from another thread:

1) abiliity to rename dwarves
2) mouse-over for grave stones with the name, rank and role of the dead dwarf.

and another one:

3) ability to bind accelerate time to a key (although I may well have missed this one somewhere?)
Maybe something to have dwarves age, like adding grey beards to high level dwarfs or something like that. I feel like every dwarf civilization needs long beards around to help guide them through dark times!
Последно редактиран от BalootheBear; 23 окт. 2012 в 16:27
Heres some from me;

1. Refillable blocks (Again. Seriously; we need this.)
2. The ability to fertilize ground (Not cheap, but it's horrible having to have a section of farm in my dining hall) Would work well with being able to refill blocks.
3. An explination with regards to "x1 electricity = 50 electricity." It makes little sense because; why shouldn't it just say 50 electricity? Why is it x1? Another example is that an x8 chest gives 100 storage space. What on earth does the x8 mean then?
4. An option on custom game to start with just the king, the throne, and the well.
5. The ability to move the well

I'll add more if I think of them
Yeah refillable blocks is incredibly important in a game like this. A personal grievance of mine is respawning enemies either by invasion or other means is important to the inevitably long skirmish games i'll want to have.
Your suggestions are added to the list!
What i would like to see that isn't mentioned yet:

- The ability to place decorative floors on bridges.
- The ability to sell/move read tablets.
- A keybinding to reset the viewrotation.
- The ability to place floors the same way you place dig orders (drag and drop to form a square/rectangle).
- A text pop-up clarifying what resource you are missing when you try to build something you don't have the resources for.

Also i would like to re-emphasize the need for replacable blocks and improved UI clearity.

P.S. I will continue to add new things I think of to this post until i know the o.p. has read them to avoid clutter.
Последно редактиран от Xanem; 23 окт. 2012 в 23:39
Dudler  [разработчик] 23 окт. 2012 в 20:00 
Cool like all the feedback some of it will be easy to fix like a new costom game mode with only the king in the beginning should be ablet to get that in the first patch. But we will have a look at all the suggestion and see what we can do. : )
1. I like playing Dwarves, and I think it's great to have a sandbox game where you can mine different ores etc. I think there could be more 'dwarven flavor' so that by the end you can build the kind of "Built to stand the test of time" underground city popular in games like World of Warcraft - give us that Dwarven Flavor to our buildings.

I would have loved to see a little more crafting and advanced professions. Dwarves with no forge and smiths?

2. I would have liked to have seen female dwarves in the clan, and a little interaction besides eating. How about some rivalries develop, or addictions? ale? How about we build Taverns? and periodically they gather to sing epic songs or brawl.

3. I found as I really build up a massive dungeon, that it is difficult to get the guys to remember to return to a table and eat and I am teleporting too much. That makes it feel more 'game' and me battling the artificial stupidity than the simulation of being a dwarven prince.

4. I would have liked to have seen events with A, B, C that come up. As in, "Arvin, would like to become a researcher, but he's been a warrior for quite a while.." and I can pick what I want to do, different morality choices, or choosing guns over butter.

"We've found some stout elven wine, shall we sell it, or pass it amongst the clan?"

5. Renaming my guys would be cool, I'd really like that. It would be great if the game generated titles or nicknames "The stout" or "Goblinslayer" as they do different things in the game. It would be more so if instead of cueing up like a "game", the game felt more like a sim and the "Son of " inherited dads gear and title.

You have a lot of room for DLC with this game, and I hope you do create some neat stuff. I Would like to build up a massive dwarven underground city, so I could also see adding marketplace, temples etc and letting players recruit unique dwarven templars, engineers, smiths, and champions. Dwarven Trapmaker's guild or choose the dwarven theives guild, etc.
Последно редактиран от Ulthar; 23 окт. 2012 в 21:37
1. When exiting the game to the main menu, the game should take me directly to the main menu, the gamer should not have to go through the whole intro movie again just to get to the main menu when they've already in the game and want to simply quit to the main menu. Yes I know ESC will skip it, but it should just go directly to the main menu.

2. Would be nice that if I have an object (like a bed) on the end of my cursor and I hold down the left mouse button to spin the item that then the item is not automatically stuck to the floor when I release the left mouse button, instead it should rotate to the position that I desire but NOT stick to the floor, instead it should simply be rotated to the position that I rotated it to and still attached to the end of my cursor so that I can then change where I might want to place the object. I know of quite a few games that do this and it's very much more convenient than sticking it to the floor and then having to pick it up again to move it over one block or 10 blocks.

3. A sensitivity adjustment for the camera would be really nice. I often have found while trying to rotate the camera that I'm spinning out of control.

4. Maps: Would like to see an assortment of maps of varying sizes, for example a grass Large map instead of only the snow large map, and a snow small map instead of just the small map that is available now, I guess what I'm askng for / suggesting is that one of each type of map should be in the game or each size that is available to offer maximum playability for those that want to play on a specific type of map.

5. More information (cold hard numbers if at all possible) that tells me how much my population is eating compared to how much food I am producing in my kingdom. There have already been times that I'm watching my food stocks dwindle down and am left wondering how in the world my small population of only 9 to 10 dwarves could possibly be eating the masses of food plants that I've got in my kingdom.

6. A hotkey & mouse scroll wheel that will let me scroll down or up a level, for example holding down Ctrl while scrolling my mouse wheel will scroll up or down a level in the game instead of zooming in and out, and when using the mouse wheel without a hot key held down the zoom would act as it does currently.

That's about all that comes to the top of my mind right now, I'm going back to playing some more.
Oh and most importantly... Please for the love of all things dwarves... Lock the mouse to the game screen when in full screen mode. It's really annoying to have the mouse slide off the right side of my screen when I want to scroll in that direction because I have 2 monitors. Most games either lock the mouse to the full screen game screen or they at least have an option that the user can check that will lock the mouse to the screen that the game is playing full screen on.
I would quite like clearer messages in game say for example when a dwarf is stuck and going to starve, or when one of the storage catagories is full, perhaps an alert as to where fighting might be occuring. (Perhaps have it as a gameplay option, so that those who prefer the full micromanagement thing dont have to worry about making things too easy.)

At the same time, some of the conversations with the dwarven prince take a bit too long, perhaps a gameplay option to reduce/turn off the explanations?

I also didnt see an option to dismiss a dwarf once summoned. (Edit, You can sell the dwarf. Thanks to Xanem.)

Like the other people, I would quite like to be able to fill an empty block with dirt or maybe stone. I would also like to be able to move fertile soil blocks so as to organise the farming better.

One final request for the moment, in free look mode, please allow the camera to be angled so that you can see the ceiling. For all I know there is valuable ore up there that I cant currently see.

Последно редактиран от Grimlar; 24 окт. 2012 в 5:34
Hi Grimlar, in response to the dismissing of dwarfs, I believe that you can dismiss them with the sell tool.

Edit: Just tested it and yes you can Banish your unwanted dwarfs with the sell tool.
Последно редактиран от Xanem; 23 окт. 2012 в 23:54
Most of all: make text LARGER.

Really, it is most annoying to have to peer into these tiny letters.
There are so much empty space, letters can be made several times larger than now.
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