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Bethamari Apr 19, 2013 @ 2:43am
Worms Revolution Free to Play Weekend!
Starting April 18th and ending April 21st anyone will be able to download and play Worms Revolution. During the free to play weekend gamers will have unlimited access to the multiplayer sections of Worms Revolution ensuring there will be plenty of worm-on-worm death and destruction. It’s going to be a weekend of carnage that will see newcomers experiencing Worms Revolution’s new features such as worm classes, physics objects and dynamic water. Existing owners will be able to show off their finely-honed skills and enjoy all the currently available DLC content. During the free to play weekend there will be a massive 50% off Worms Revolution and the Worms Revolution Season pass too!

If you're new to Worms Revolution and having trouble with the game please check out this troubleshooting guide or contact our support team directly following the steps below:

1. Hold down the Windows Key and press R
2. The Run dialog should appear. Type dxdiag in the available text field.
3. Click OK
4. Click Save All Information
5. Set the Save as type to Text File (*.txt)
6. Save the file DxDiag.txt to your Desktop so it is easy to find.
7. Attach the DXdiag.txt file in an email to support@team17.com making sure you let them know you're contacting them about Worms Revolution and what issue you're having exactly

Please note that the minimum specifications for Worms Revolution are as below:
OS: Windows XP
Processor: Dual Core CPU
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT (256 MB), Intel HD3000* or Radeon HD 3650 (512 MB)
Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection

* These is currently a crash effect players with the most recent HD3000 drivers. Intel have confirmed this issue will be fixed in their next driver update. For more information please see here.

Thank you and we hope you'll enjoy the free weekend!
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CSX Apr 19, 2013 @ 5:40am 
You get coins by playing online multiplayer, so you can unlock the worm classes on the free weekend.

I wish all Worms games would be like this free weekend, just create a game and have people joining your match in seconds. I love Ultimate Mayhem but hardly play it as I never find players, never played with 4 players as I can do here now.
Bethamari Apr 19, 2013 @ 6:02am 
Originally posted by zzzwlagga:
which you can only obtain in the single player campaign
You can also earn coins by taking part in ranked online multiplayer matches. I believe you get around 80 credits for a win and 40 for a loss in a ranked match. The first worm of any class costs just 80 credits to unlock.

Hope this helps and that everyone is enjoying the free weekend!
DoTA is magic Apr 19, 2013 @ 12:59pm 
game started first 3 times, now it's crahing every time i try to run it
Bruce Jr coach Apr 19, 2013 @ 1:56pm 
wont even start the game it's disapointing
zzzwlagga Apr 19, 2013 @ 3:34pm 
Originally posted by nXt! | G0T0:
Its a big dissapointment,no singleplayer in the F2P and there is no one in the MP so this is no Game that i need to buy,th xfor showing me this with the f2p weekend..!

there is MP all the time...
Just won a ranked match to unlock my 1st special worm :)
zzzwlagga Apr 19, 2013 @ 3:45pm 
Originally posted by nXt! | G0T0:
When i klick it allwas says no multiplayer found,no matter which mode,

just checked, there are at least 8 game lobbies looking for players. Give also quickmatch and ranked match a try.
Sir Goreth Apr 19, 2013 @ 3:53pm 
I'm trying to get the game to sent to myself as a gift from another account, yet it won't let me...
any reason that the weekend would effect that? because I want to get the discounted price
FOX.HOUND|G0T0 Apr 19, 2013 @ 4:03pm 
why u dont jsut use the free2play weekand link?
Sir Goreth Apr 19, 2013 @ 4:10pm 
well, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to read that, but I want to permantly own the game.
CSX Apr 19, 2013 @ 4:31pm 
Originally posted by Sir Goreth:
I'm trying to get the game to sent to myself as a gift from another account, yet it won't let me...
any reason that the weekend would effect that? because I want to get the discounted price
You "own" the game during the free weekend, that's why you cannot get it gifted, you have to wait for the free period to end.
Sir Goreth Apr 19, 2013 @ 4:32pm 
so, I'm assuming that you would have to store the game and then gift it after the free period?
Josh_Wolf Apr 20, 2013 @ 11:59am 
Not really a free weekend, is it? No single player? Fail.
Nimrod4431 Apr 20, 2013 @ 2:12pm 
why when I click the download link it brings me to a page with no download link?? And it's not in my game list??
Nimrod4431 Apr 20, 2013 @ 2:14pm 
had to restart steam was all.. I was going crazy wondering what was going on
Cozzy Cosbourne Apr 20, 2013 @ 4:55pm 
The tutorial is just so bad. I've never played a game like this before, but I've watched people play and it looks like fun. But the controls aren't explained well enough at all. All they go over is movement. And the "free to play" option doesn't allow us to play single player. So I had to go embarass myself in front of people who've been playing for some time. The single player is meant to prep you for multiplayer, not letting us to play single player means that anyone like me is going to be forced to look like an idiot. Was hoping to enjoy the game so I could actually buy it but I just can't after that. I'll just stick to watching other people play it.
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