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Bought it... LOVE IT
Just wanted to say...
Great job, the humour of the fighting is back with a vengeance...
Wanted to list crashes/bugs in my short time in case you weren't aware...

- Initial crash out when I changed resolution (no biggie - some games do)
- When going into fight sequences - camera goes awol when characters walk into position - sometimes shows the floor, sometimes underneath the floor, sometimes somewhere else... definitely needs work :(
- Sound clips out a lot - especially during fight sequences
- After one fight sequence, the colour of my pawns turned black from white (bonkers)
- Game crashed out halfway through first game

But hey, this is early access and this is why we're here!

I should have really put all the things I love too...

- The totally adjustable camera - BRILLIANT
- Great fun new animations
- Each piece has a 'character' - something sorely missing in Battle vs Chess
- More than one attack animation per duel
- Graphics are more than suffifcient
- Great idle animations

I recorded my first game - so I'll post it here shortly (showing bugs, etc.!)

(and oh my goodness - you can turn the battle camera off (was going to suggest it) - so fighting remains on the board just like the original...)

This is so worthy of a purchase, people...
(rampaging queen video below!)
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burgerbecky  [developer] Mar 18, 2014 @ 2:58pm 
I'm so happy you liked it! Bugs will be squashed as we update the game. Expect a new build tonight
fantastico! yes, it was well worth the wait... I'd love you to do that sneaky port of the original too (fab) and thanks for all your hard work and engagement with the forum! :)
Eek! Mar 18, 2014 @ 3:34pm 
I did ask this in another post, but is it going to be a Steam only release or are you looking to also release onto GOG/elsewhere? Perhaps you're not sure yourselves yet.
Sir3n Mar 18, 2014 @ 3:59pm 
I played the Battle Chess series as a little kid and this is AWESOME!!

Please please keep coming up with fight animations! They are so fantastic already! I know this next part will sound lame to a successful Dev but feel free to consult with me if you need ideas for fight animaions. Stage Combat Choreography is kind of my thing and I'd do it for FREE because people need to experience this game!

Good luck with all of your work and Thank You for bringing back Battle Chess!
One request - any chance of a 'blood on / off' mode - I think some of the animations would look SO MUCH BETTER with a bit of gore (or would that change the game rating, etc?)

I have to say, really loving it... so much so - here's a short vid of a rampaging queen... (I haven't shown too much - don't want to spoil it - half the fun is watching the animations on the battlefield)
ANZAC Mar 20, 2014 @ 5:49am 
+1. I love it as well. It is very playable and enjoyable for an alpha (or is it beta?). I can put up with the bugs and crashes for the time being because Battle Chess: Game of Kings just released on Steam Early Access this week and I am confident that the Devs are working hard to fix bugs/glitches/crashes. So, yeah, well done to the Devs.
*Gives two virtual thumbs up and pat on the back to the Devs*
Somethingelse Jun 14, 2014 @ 6:40am 
Good game, had it on the Amga 500 back in the day

is there a way to skin the game to remove all the anim and make it look like windows chess as the board and pieces make my eyes go funny and even on normal mode there is too much anim on the info (clasic garden board is okay though)

I got it as it supports lan to play my son
and some times I want a clean looking game with big black and white pieces
porcelain on wood is easy on the eyes

but where I want anim I would swap back :)
love the game and the anims, just nice to remove it when needed

thx for making this devs :)
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The Bad guy Jun 14, 2014 @ 8:13pm 
Check vs mate is an awsome chess game that is on steam.
It just doesnt have internet pvp match set up.
Thats what i want bad.
And all the sights that offer it have pretty lack luster soft ware so it looks pretty crappy.
It would be very nice to have a real chess program that looks awsome and allows for online play.
I predict alot of people would be into it big time.
especially if there is some austhetic customization of your own peices and stuff.
Like one guy can have starwars and darth Vadar as his king againt LOTR and Gandolph.
Its just endless the possibilities.
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