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Advice for playing Medic
I got into TFC in 2010, far after the game had lost most of its fanbase. Because of that, I'm hopelessly behind the learning curve and tend to get pounded in any server against humans. I love the medic class and would like to get better at it.

What I know already:

#rudimentary conc jumping
#decent aim with hitscan weapons

What I'd like help with using:

#medkit (I have to spam like a madman to heal or infect, while mashing it into their face. Does it have a shorter range than the crowbar?)
# better conc jumping
# super nail gun
#single-barrel shotgun (when am I supposed to use this? Does it have any upsides over the super shotgun?)
#when to run, when to fight, when to concjump away

and anything else you think would help a relatively new medic! Thanks for your help!
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You're better off taking the advice given in the thread you made at

Good luck receiving experienced advice here.
Their advice was amazing, but I wanted to see if there was anything they might have missed. Plus I thought it might help the users here; medic is an under-appreciated class by new users to TFC.
For hand held conc jumps you might want:

- A different sound file for the timer, e.g. a count down. It's personal preference I guess, some prefer the default beeps over any other timer, some don't. I find it hard to get the precise moment for jumping with the default beeps.
- High cl_cmdrate, at least about 100.
- High fps, at least about 100. If you have a 60Hz LCD, this means you have to disable vsync for TFC.

If you're playing with a high ping (100ms or more), I recommend using a lagless timer. You can for example use a blank sound file (0s but not 0 byte, as some sound format info is still necessary) for the normal, laggy timer, or use two different timers, e.g. beeps for the default timer and a count down for the lagless one. AFAIR I used to have a sound saying the word "grenade" for the laggy default timer so at least I would know that I have actually primed a grenade. This is the downside of the lagless timer, it starts no matter if you have a nade or not.

And you may want to try some of the easy conc maps to practise. E.g. concmap_r or tayconc.
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I'll second what Pizzahut said. Also, ask for help on a skill server (one running a concmap). People there are likely to help you, especially with your concing.
Medic is the best class! They ruined it in TF2. Pizza hut is right on. I might add, the single barrel shotgun is good for when your super is empty and you are still in battle. Its better to switch weapons and keep shooting than it is to reload. It shoots and reloads faster than the supershotty, but is not as strong(obviously). The super nail gun is good for sentries and harrassing snipers. The medkit does kinda suck. I never use it unless its extremely convenient to heal a team mate, or ♥♥♥♥ off a sniper. Don't be an infect and run medic. They are the scum of the TFC community and congregate in noob central, Drippy's Noob Fort.
Let me know if you need a practice partner, I play here all the time: Crackhouse TFC
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