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Ziggurat | Alex  [developer] Feb 20 @ 10:01pm
Latest Release Notes / Pending Fixes
NOTE: We have released build S1.05, which includes a hot fix for a crash which could occur on stage 4-1 when playing the game with the Geometry Detail setting on Low from Video Options. The build ID for this patch is 14046628. The patch notes below are for S1.04, the most recent patch before this hot fix.

Poppy Works and Ziggurat Interactive are proudly supporting Slave Zero X to continually improve the game. Here we'll list the latest release notes and updates, as well as some of the current known issues which have pending fixes. We'll update this area as patches are distributed to address these issues.

The patch to version S1.04 is now live! Included in this patch are the following updates and changes:

New Content!
  • SovKhan 300% boss fight is now included in the game. This bonus fight is unlocked by a successful run in Crimson Citadel.
  • The game now includes localized text for menus in subtitles in these languages: Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai.

Stability improvements
  • Fixed crashes and softlocks which could occur in Crimson Citadel.
  • By popular demand, a bug allowing the player to teleport enemies into grabbed enemies with the kunai has NOT been fixed. The occasional accompanying crash has been fixed though.

Visual fixes and improvements
  • Fixed an issue with the “PVM Scanlines” shader on stage 4-1.
  • Jarring camera movements have been smoothed out in 5-4.
  • Updated all levels to look better with the low detail lighting mode enabled.

Quality of life Improvements
  • Fixed an issue where the selected ordnance cycles when leaving a menu.

Game balance changes
  • Fixed an exploit where shop-based achievements could be unlocked in Crimson Citadel.

Other fixes
  • The boss in 6-4 now properly counts as an encounter.
  • Fixed an issue with the language reading as “English” when reentering the language menu while it is set to Hindi.
  • Fixed issues with incorrect naming when unlocking certain palettes and shaders.
  • Fixed a number of localization errors.
  • Fixed an issue where rebinding the cancel key leaves the menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could not be paused at the end of 5-3 under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where certain chronicle entries would not scroll.
  • Fixed an issue where the golden trooper’s escape timer would run while the game is paused.
  • Fixed numerous instances of errors with low detail geometry.
  • Fixed a bug where the voice language would revert to English in level 4-5 if set to Japanese.
  • Fixed a bug where taunt rebinding didn’t save
  • Fixed a bug where directional recovery didn’t work after rebinding the movement keys
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to unpause while rewatching the tutorial.

Known issues in this build with fixes on the way are as follows:
  • A fix for this issue is in test and expected to be deployed in our next patch: a very rare performance issue has been observed on some PC hardware which can cause low framerates while the game is paused or idle. On the rare affected systems we have found, this is usually observed after 35 to 75 seconds of idle time in certain gameplay situations.

We have also noted that, on some system configurations with NVIDIA graphics, it may help to force v-sync on from the NVIDIA Control Panel to improve performance.
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Ziggurat | Alex  [developer] Mar 12 @ 4:08pm 
Update: this post has been updated to reflect the latest fixes and known issues. The patch to version S1.03 is now live! The Steam build ID for this patch is 13717025.
Ziggurat | Alex  [developer] Apr 10 @ 8:21am 
The patch to version S1.04 is now live, and patch notes will be updated above momentarily. Below are archived the patch notes for version S1.03:

Stability improvements
  • A fix has been added to address a crash which could occur when pressing certain buttons simultaneously.
  • A crash which could occur when using certain EX attacks in rapid succession has been fixed.
  • A crash which could occur on stage 4-5 has been fixed.

Visual fixes and improvements
  • Sprites which could occasionally render incorrectly have been fixed to render correctly.
  • Grabbing an enemy in the air will now flip their sprite!

Game balance changes
  • The parry window has been increased by 1 frame.
  • The number of invulnerable frames while dodging has been increased by 1 frame.
  • The hitbox of the Superheavy’s charging grab has been reduced in size; players will now be able to jump over it more consistently
  • The total health of the final boss of stage 6-4 has been reduced by 15%.

Quality of life Improvements
  • Menus can now be exited with the ‘Cancel’ button.
  • The Tutorial can now be accessed from the game’s Options menu, as well as from the pause menu in Training mode.
  • The Customization menu now displays a preview of the Palette or Shader you’re buying before you buy.
  • Empty grenade slots are now skipped over when changing ordnance during gameplay.

Other fixes
  • The ‘Taunt’ button can now be rebound from the Keyboard controls menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Directional attacks would not work when rebinding the movement keys.
  • Fixed the ‘Max Framerate’ setting in Video Options not saving between sessions.
  • Fixes were made to issues which could cause loss of unlocked upgrades or other save data.
  • A new menu option was added allowing the player to rebind a single gamepad input from the Controller Binds menu. The option to rebind all controls at once is still present.
  • Fixed issue where Chronicle entries would not scroll properly.
  • Issues with the Dark Historian achievement have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where the achievement Getting Into Knives wouldn’t trigger. For players missing the achievement who have already purchased all ordnance upgrades, making any shop purchase will unlock the achievement.
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