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Alex_Merge  [developer] Jan 31 @ 5:54am
Demo Bugs Collection (Post Your Findings Here)
Hi everyone, This discussion post is for found bugs and glitches report. Please follow the format listed below. Hopefully, this discussion can be used as an aid to Vasilis, the solo dev working on the game. Please make sure you do not post a duplicate bug. If your bug is fixed, please delete your post, if you can remember to. This is to avoid clutter!

1. Bug Description
2. Date bug was found.
3. Game version
4. Any video/screenshot/capture of any kind to help demonstrate the issue, and how to recreate the issue.
5. PC Specs (Mainly CPU, RAM, GFX Card, SSD or HDD, OS.)

Thank you everyone! If you do not have a bug to report, do not use this forum as a grounds for talking down to other players, insulting the game due to bugs.

P.S. We also have a community Discord server for any and all players. Please feel free to come in and have a chat with us!

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MrStone Jan 31 @ 7:16am 
1. Margarita's quest becomes incompletable if you buy both the watering can and the tomato seeds before you equip the watering can. It will trigger her dialogue that you just need to plant the seeds, but the quest log is stuck at "Buy and equip the watering can". No matter if you buy the can again or equip it, the quest won't progress.
2. 2023-01.31
3. 0.310123
4. Can't attach.
5. Probably not relevant, but Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10750H CPU, 32GB RAM, Nvidia 2070Ti Mobile, SSD, Windows 11
Konidias Jan 31 @ 2:59pm 
1. Compass is inaccurate
2. 01/31/2023
3. 0.310123
4. I just played the game, not sure what to put here
5. Too lazy to write, not sure it matters

After successfully navigating to the first townsfolk using the compass, I was told to meet someone about farming. The compass pointed straight down so I went to the bottom of the area but found nobody. I walked along the whole bottom area but the compass kept pointing straight down. (with only slight deviation toward the center)

I then moved toward the center of the area and the compass arrow snapped to a completely different direction pointing toward the center, where I then located the townsfolk person literally right near where I originally started.
Willow Feb 1 @ 10:35am 
Hi shirers
Specs: RTX 3060, AMD Ryzen 5 5600G, 48 GB Ram 3600hz
ALL of these bugs are on VER. 0.310123

Game related:
-Seeds (specifically carrot not sure about the other ones) are not plantable.
-Infinite health number of health that consumes consumables.
-Chest glitch allows extra storage and can be accessible at any location.
-Menus brought to the corners or edges of the screen will become stuck and unable to close or drag to move.
-Tree saplings stack causing trees to grow on top of each other.
-Rocks can spawn/trees can be grown in rock tiles causing them to stack.
-Furnaces can stack in the same tile spaces as crafting tables and chests.
-Irma gets caught on a tile in front of the Agronomist house causing weird sprite shifting.
-Completing the fishing mini game buttons correctly too quickly either: A. keeps the button while showing the next hit marker or B. does not show the next hit marker at all.
-You can fish into the bridge on the beach.
-Random tiles on the map will show placement icons when entering new areas without any placeable items equipped.
-Monkfish and Salmon sell for 0 coins to Farrell.

-Sound settings do not save upon re-entering save files.
-Files are improperly dated.
-A lot of the sounds are not properly calibrated with each other. Forest ambiance is louder than pick-up sound and tool sounds are louder than both combined. Trying to turn down object sounds to still get my ears blown out by swinging LOL.
-Movement keys (WASD + Space) are inputted into the enter code key into the setting even when not prompted.

Book related:
-Learning to extract iron from Bron before being prompted softlocks the game. (Make the steps less step-py? Like, just set it to, learn how to extract iron and/or mine iron to prevent this.)
-Help Farrell quest does not activate. Multiple quest lines are activated at once for some reason. Something about a key? :rinconfused:

More to come later (probably) :3!
1.Irma (dog) not blocking entrance to tomato plants, thus rendering progression impossible.
information here:
2.February 1, 2023
3.build= 10443267

pc pecs~
intel i7-10700F
RTX 2070 Super
32GB ram
Win 10
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I'm pretty sure this would be considered a bug but when I had to exit the game and go back in as I soft locked myself almost all my trees disappeared it was also meant to be raining tht day and it didn't when I went back into the save but thts okie I'm. More worries about my trees going missing
1. The text is a little difficult to read. (For people who are weak in English like me ^^)
2. It's hard to refill watering can. (Before i found solution, I toke 2 watering can. i'm not sure place can refill water but i can fill at the sea.)
3. I can't take tomato (follow quest) because dog block the gate, So i can't continues game because i don't know what to do next.--> Now I found how to collect tomato, Should collect tomato before night. (Before dog sleep)
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Some crafting stations clip into the ground when placed on/near corners:
8Khan Feb 5 @ 11:44am 
1. Getting inside house and leaving it keeping pressed "up" key displays captain house
2. 05-02-23
3. 0.310123
4. https://clips.twitch.tv/MoistOriginalDunlinSquadGoals-G8p0w3p4eeD9d5Af
5. AMD Ryzen 5 3400G, A32M2, 16Gb DDR4 Ram, AMD Radeon Vega 11, SSD

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8Khan Feb 5 @ 11:49am 
1. "Barrel roll" bug
2. 05-02-23
3. 0.310123
4. an easy way to replicate will be: walking while keep pressing "space bar" and open "G" menu with mouse, wait a lil and close "G" menu, a lot of barrel roll moves can be done instantly and no stamina wasted
5. AMD Ryzen 5 3400G, A32M2, 16Gb DDR4 Ram, AMD Radeon Vega 11, SSD
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8Khan Feb 5 @ 12:04pm 
1. Captain chimney layer
2. 05-02-23
3. 0.310123
4. Chimney layer is over player sprite layer (happend the same when use any tool behind a tree, tool is visible over tree layer)
5. AMD Ryzen 5 3400G, A32M2, 16Gb DDR4 Ram, AMD Radeon Vega 11, SSD
1. Weird placement of objects
2. Feb. 5, 2023
3. 0.310123
5. AMD Ryzen 5 2600, 16GB DDR4 RAM, GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, SSD, Windows 10
4. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2929234936
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Mestra03 Feb 6 @ 12:56pm 
Captain Farrell was spinning on the beach for a little while after I talked to him when I first exited the house.
Margarita also spinning in place/stuck on a bush near the fountain after talking to her?
Dog gets stuck on bush and is spinning as well.
Basically everyone gets stuck on something and spins. Jack got stuck on a light post and spun.
At night I saw the dog walk across the river, like the water.
Sahako Feb 7 @ 3:34pm 
Date found: 07-02-2023
Game version: 0.060223
PC Specs: Intel I7-9750H, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, SSD, Windows 10 Home

Bug 1: Game suddenly starts lagging hard. In this case it started when I went into the forest, but the previous time it happened in town randomly
Video: https://gyazo.com/56356d51ef6fe4d387c279842f39ba69

Bug 2: Jesus mode (can walk on water) from bridge in town.
Video: https://gyazo.com/2465fc540510b173370598ea48b5b194

Bug 3: Never got blueprint for house from book, so can't build it.

Bug 4: When you reload a save file, items you already had in your bag are placed in a new stack, using more bag space or not letting you loot if your bag is full
General feedback from demo:

Has a lot of potential, so just wanted to share:

1. The grumpy mining guy dialogue is sometimes bugged to progress (had to exit and restore)
2. Need a quick transfer to stack and to move from one place to another (or more obvious key).
3. Combat could be improved
4. Stamina potion needs to restore more
5. Need early way to make own stamina potions (or for it not to go down so quick or have a nap option instead of sleep)
6. How do I know how much money I have (wasn't obvious) or how to sell items
7. Would be build house in stages, so mayor gives you plans and you mark where you'd like it to be, then wood chap helps with foundations, and mining chap for other stages
8. Do we have to have disintegrating tools? If so, can they last more than a couple of days
9. Seems easy to get duplicate blueprints (when mining guy bugged, I thought it was because I needed to buy the blueprint, but when starting the next day, he gave it me)
10. Could actually build anything after the initial planks (I'd craft planks but they never went in my inventory but did use the wood). So couldn't make chest (some stacking output comment), furnace, cooking pot or house or anything.
11. Fishing was good (bought a rod) but would've helped to how a little instruction as took a while to work out the mechanics
12. The watering animation didn't always go to where the square cursor was and also hard to tell when plants were watered
13. Would like to choose which quest to focus on to help with finding places/people
14. Couldn't plant raspberry seeds (maybe I needed a pot, but couldn't craft it)
15. Couldn't move crafting table once placed (even when I got the hammer.
16. When looting bad guys, need a loot all option
17. loot menu can be in the way if you have bag open menu
18. Perhaps add Escape key as way to exit menu (rather than clicking X)
19. Will there be character customisation (at start and later in game)
20. When grumpy miner bugged out, game got very laggy (played 09Feb2023) - fixed after quitting and restarting.
21, When I reloaded (after previous issues) to start grumpy miner guy main story quest, it needed me to mine copper again, even though I'd already had copper in my bag *and* I had mined copper beforehand, but because I did it before the stone it didn't count in the quest, but then I was out of stamina annoyingly

Keep it up peeps! Look forward to seeing it further down the line
DMiles Feb 9 @ 6:58pm 
I never received a house level 1 blueprint to complete the house quest which is very early on.
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