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ExHaseo 3. Sep. 2013 um 2:40 Uhr
Need some help converting from XNALara
I've been trying to convert models from XNALara to SFM, and I've gotten to the point where I can successfully compile the model into an mdl file. However, I load up the model in the SFM Model viewer, and the model is missing it's textures. I move over to the Model tab, and where is says "Materials used:" the dropbox just has "Material", instead of the names of the different texture files. I'm just wondering if anyone had any idea why this is happening.
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raptornx01 3. Sep. 2013 um 3:09 Uhr 
Probably the qc file wasn't formatted correctly.

if you try loading the model in sfm what does the console say?
ExHaseo 3. Sep. 2013 um 3:34 Uhr 
Probably, I'm still pretty new at this (obviously lol).
When I try to load the model, the console says
Failed to load models/!
Binding uncached material "potterywheelpanelwireframe", artificially incrementing refcount
Failed to load models/!
CAnimationSetEditor::CreateAnimationSetForModel: model has no facial animation model models/scarlett/scarlett.mdl [Scarlett.mdl]

And the qc files looks like this.

$modelname "Scarlett.mdl"

$model Scarlett "27_lingerie_0.16.smd"

$model Scarlett "27_head_0.16.smd"

$model Scarlett "27_hair_0.16.smd"

$model Scarlett "27_glasses_0.16.smd"

$model Scarlett "27_eyes_0.16.smd"

$model Scarlett "27_cap_0.16.smd"

$model Scarlett "27_body_0.16.smd"

$cdmaterials "models\Scarlett"

$sequence idle "27_lingerie_0.16.smd" fps 1
raptornx01 3. Sep. 2013 um 3:56 Uhr 
Looking at a qc file for a model I know works.

the model formatting goes

$modelname "(model name).mdl"
$model "model" "(smd location\name).smd"

try, (and this is just a guess. and assuming these are all in one folder)

$model "model" "27_lingerie_0.16.smd"

$model "model" "27_head_0.16.smd"

$model "model" "27_hair_0.16.smd"

$model "model" "27_glasses_0.16.smd"

$model Scarlett "27_eyes_0.16.smd"

$model "model" "27_cap_0.16.smd"

$model "model" "27_body_0.16.smd"

$cdmaterials "models\Scarlett\"
ExHaseo 3. Sep. 2013 um 4:02 Uhr 
That didn't work. The only smd files are the ones listed. There isn't one for the overall model when I export it to smd from Blender, and without the $sequence line, it just has an error saying "model has no sequences" when I try to compile.
raptornx01 3. Sep. 2013 um 5:03 Uhr 
no no, keep what you have, just make the changes to the lines I posted.

and mine only lists one as the body is a reference. the other parts, hair, etc are listed as bodygroups

$bodygroup "(body part name)"
studio "(body part location/name).smd"

another option is try this.

$modelname "Scarlett.mdl"

$model "model" "27_body_0.16.smd"

$bodygroup "lingerie"
studio "27_lingerie_0.16.smd"
$bodygroup "head"
studio "27_head_0.16.smd"
$bodygroup "hair"
studio "27_hair_0.16.smd"
$bodygroup "glasses"
studio "27_glasses_0.16.smd"
$bodygroup "eyes"
studio "27_eyes_0.16.smd"
$bodygroup "cap"
studio "27_cap_0.16..smd"
$cdmaterials "models\Scarlett\"

$sequence idle "27_lingerie_0.16.smd" fps 1

also consider adding the folder name to each like "scarlett\17_lingerie_0.16.smd" or whatever the folder is you have them in or sub folder whatever.

also consider changing the smd names. removing the ".16" cause it could be saying, "what file format is dot sixteen?". (this i'm even less sure on. but hey, worth a shot.

keep in mind, i'm not a coder or modeler, just using a qc i already have for a model i know works, plus what little i do know.
Pte Jack 3. Sep. 2013 um 8:38 Uhr 
Are your materials black and purple checkboards or is the model invisible in the model browser?

Where are your VTFs and VMTs living, or have you converted your textures to VTFs and created your VMTs?

Materials must live in a folder that the compiler and the mdl know about, in this case I would suggest usermod\materials\models\scarlett. Check your VMTs to ensure that the base materials are being called correctly. models\scarlett\{name of the VTF}
raptornx01 3. Sep. 2013 um 11:48 Uhr 
see, this is why I hate coding.
Pte Jack 3. Sep. 2013 um 11:56 Uhr 
hahaha... I forgot to say, that the textures that you paint the model with in blender must bare the same name as the textures vtf files. For example, if the head is painted with a texture called head01.bmp (extension doesn't matter) then the vtf for the head must be called head01.vtf in the materials folder, if the body is painted with a texture and a normal map called body001.bmp and body001_n.bmp, then there must be a body001.vtf and a body001_n.vtf in the materials folder. (I thought that studiomdl would crash if the materials didn't exist in the proper folders.)
ExHaseo 3. Sep. 2013 um 14:40 Uhr 
The problem, is that I need to build the vtf files, which isn't too hard, but the model isn't recognizing that there are ones bound to the parts. Even when I build them beforehand, and put them in the materials folder like you said. In the models tab, when I go to the materials dropdown menu, it just says "Material" instead of the name of the vtf. Oh, and the model shows up in the model viewer with the purple and black checkered textures.
raptornx01 3. Sep. 2013 um 14:56 Uhr 
doesn't the vtfs generate when you are making the model? IE that you get the uv map. paint it, apply it, and when you export the model, i thought vtfs came with it.
ExHaseo 3. Sep. 2013 um 15:03 Uhr 
Not the way I've been doing it. I'm not making the model, I'm converting it. To do so, I have to import the .ascii file into Blender, then export the model to the .smd format. All that it exports is the .smd files. From there, the model is supposed to show the mappings for the texture files in the model viewer, and I'm supposed to build them myself. That's the problem though, it's not showing the mapping. I've tried doing it with multiple models too, and the outcome is the same.
Here's a picture of what I'm talking about, hopefully that will make it less confusing.
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Pte Jack 3. Sep. 2013 um 17:15 Uhr 
Ok guys, let's see if I can help out here. By the looks of it you are missing steps. Let me work through a model and create some pictures and I'll post back here when I'm done.
ExHaseo 3. Sep. 2013 um 17:39 Uhr 
Awesome, thanks a lot! It has been absolute hell trying to find a tutorial that doesn't skip half the steps for no reason. I've had to piece together what I've got so far from random comments and a couple of "tutorials".
Pte Jack 3. Sep. 2013 um 19:35 Uhr 
ExHaseo, the character you're trying to convert, have you put a skeleton into it?
ExHaseo 3. Sep. 2013 um 19:38 Uhr 
I haven't messed with the model at all. There are bones already mapped to it when I import to Blender though.
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