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Bone access not allowed
Whenever I fire my weapon in SFM through TF2, I get this message.

*** ERROR: Bone access not allowed (entity 162:view model)

But it's not just muzzle flares missing. The same error happens with water splashing when you walk in it. The entity number is different with each model and weapon used. The heavy uses a different muzzle flare. Also, it's failing to create all the particles needed for everything else except for when bullets hit any surface. that seems to work just fine. I remember when this wasn't an issue, but now there's a problem. It seems like this is a random occuring thing. Even after removing and installing the game again, the problem is still there. I've even tried copying over the files into SFM using GCFScape and that doesn't fix the problem.

Apparently the forums through Steampowered are not the same as the forums here.