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Is there anyway to make smoke billow around an object?
Like any kind of particle displacement effect?
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Well, what kind of smoke billow? (radius, color, amount etc.)
If u are looking for particle effect, there is class_fx.pcf, then set_taunt_saharan_spy_cloud, and you could edit this file to set characteristics that you need (color, amount etc.)
Specifically I mean movement. Get a fire in your kitchen, smoke goes to the ceiling, floats along it, you open a door or window it goes out then floats up. Basically, it changes direction when it encounters an object. It'd be nice if you could make a model effect smoke, but that won't happen so I hoping to just get some simple change direction effect.
I don't think Source supports particle displacement per se, but I can think of one way. Might take some doing though.

You could create a custom particle system, an animated sprite that's just one fading out smoke "puff" locked to the control point, and then import a bunch of these and animate them manually one by one. Technically I don't see why that wouldn't work.
There are options about movement along a line or path (mainly used for beams and such). but i've never been able to get them to work like that (i tried to do it with a lightning effect. get electricity (well, the particle equivalent anyway) to flow along an arc, up then curve down, but no dice).

you'd think it would be as simple as having multiple control points. placing them in different spots, and the particle going from one to another, to another. But nope.
Hi, you should know about particle editor tool. Select those premade smoke that you want, and then add 'force'. I'm not the professionaal in the P.Editor tool, and can not tell you what exactly you should change, but you may have some experiments and try-outs. The only thing I know for sure is that 'force' is changing behaviour of the particle in those way you need.
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