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More "Meet the Team" Videos
In my opinion, i want some more Meet the Team Videos for editing it!
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we all do.

even some word on IF they will be released would be nice. but, this is Valve we are talking about. They love their secrets. hell, the addition of the Day Of Defeat stuff we got completely blind sided with. no one expected that.
valve :(
I think, they do not release them intentionally, and make a good deal. Because people don't do original SFM videos, they just edit ready scenes. Since Meet the Heavy has been released, I saw TOO MUCH recreation of it, some of them were just ****. Valve do understand this, and don't want more Meet the Team recreations. And I want no more recreations. Puzzler.
yeah thats not wrong, selfmade videos are better, but i have a nice idea, to mistake meet the medic :DD
i'm not so good in english, too. i come from germany^^
i mean to change meet the medic in a collab :D
And let's delete our last comments - it is against Community rules (to conversate like we did, because it isn't connected with SFM)
Maybe because some of the Meet the Team Videos contain private models and particle effects that Valve refuses to release to the public.

These contain:
-Meet The Scout Background (Meet The Scout)
-Burning City Map (Meet The Pyro)
-Pyroland Map (Meet The Pyro)
-Pyroland Baby Classes (Meet The Pyro)
-Poseable Balloonicorn (Meet The Pyro)
-Demo's Interview Room Map (Meet The Demoman)
-Drogentote Map (Meet The Medic)
-Enhanced Quick-Fix Backpack (Meet The Medic)
-Road Map (Meet The Sniper)
-Sniper's Bathroom Map (Meet The Sniper)

However, some of these assets are found inside SFM's files. I can't remember the name of it, but I do remember it has the Bobblehead and Van from Meet The Sniper
DeadLineClock, all of these stuff (except the maps) are found in props_facemovie folder in the SFM private beta (MAXOFS2D released them on his site, so anyone has these files).

Still, the models of the newest "Meet the" are missing, for example the model of the Heavy in "Meet the Medic", the medic's glasses with a "crushing" slider (see Meet the Pyro), the sign from the MVM trailer, etc...

I think they'll release all of their "Meet the"... the only problem we have to deal with is VALVE TIME.
Sorry for reviving this thread for any subscribed but I think it would be awesome if they would release these just so I can take out the flaregun pyro scene and add my cosmetics
Or you could at least imitate that scene as accurate as possible.
Meet the heavy and engineer were made with the assets we have, and a custom map. All the others were not, and thus they probably don't want to release them.
i never heard any confirmation that any of the other videos weren't also made in sfm.
raptornx01 původně napsal:
i never heard any confirmation that any of the other videos weren't also made in sfm.

All TF2, L4D2, Dota 2, and CSGO animations made by valve were made in the SFM
Ah, but was it the same SFM as the one we have? I for one highly doubt it. They must have like dozens of versions of the thing in-house.

And those other MTT videos all heavily rely on post editing. Even the Meet the Soldier that we got was heavily gimped compared to the actual version.
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