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Robotic Boogaloo Hats Problems
So, here is my problem.

I need a scout in my SFM video to be wearing the "BONK Leadwear" Hat, from the Boogaloo Update. So I extracted models and other junk from TF2 in SFM, so I could get the latest hats.

I found the Bonk Leadwear hat, but I realized something. The Hat texture looked REALLY different from the game. In the game, the is brightish red. In SFM, it's black! The batteries on the sides of the hat still are red & yellow,
but the rest of the hat is black, not brightish red like in-game.

Then I figured, well, I COULD just paint the hat using this method: ( But when I tried, the hat didn't change color! I tried the method on a diff hat in the SAME session, and it painted.
But not the Robot hat! I really could use some help.

Another thing, does anyone know where I could get the unusual particles from the Robotic Boogaloo update? I just extracted the most recent version of the item_fx.pcf, where all the other unusual effects are. I can't find the particles
(Memory Leak is the specific particle effect I'm looking for.) anywhere! If anyone knows the name of it, or if it's in a different pcf file, help would be appreciated.

I can post screenshots if needed.
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Look at this, the process to fix the Bonk Leadwear is probably the same...

It looks like the Memory leak is located in the Items_fx.pcf and is called unusual_robot_orbit_binary. You have to extract the particles from the TF2_Misc_dir.VPK to your Game\TF\particles folder to get it
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Thanks so much. Your a legend, mate.
When done like the archimedes or the Tungsten Toque, you should end up with a paintable hat and something that looks like this when in natural skins

Hmmm, screwed up on the red texture in that first pic, this is better
Последно редактиран от Pte Jack; 26 юни 2013 в 16:02
I ended up with something similar :) (The blue texture doesn't have that paint scratched off thing in the front on mine but it still ended better than use-able.) Thanks for the quick reply!
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