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Overlay Effects: fade in/out?
Hello, I have a question about Overlay Effects. I've applied a colour correction and want to gradually reduce the effect/apply a fade.

But the right click commands for "Set Fade Time" does not work with the effects unlike the shots in the Clip Editor. I've seen a topic like this before in the past but it never got any replies, is there no solution thus far?

I guess the alternate way is to gradually apply a lessening correction for a few frames, a bit more work but do-able.

EDIT: Instead of going through the Colorcorrectionui and applying gradual changes (my original plan haha) the easier way is to adjust the weight in the Element Viewer whilst creating more colour corrections, but I still wish there was a fader!

EDIT2: Although I wish that Copy and Paste would actually work for Overlay Effects, thinking about it quite a lot of the right click commands for the Effects don't seem to work..

EDIT3: I'm sorry for the edits but I got a discovery, you can copy and paste using the Element Viewer so that you don't have to keep creating Overlay Effects. This is much faster!

Many thanks for reading!
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