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That's because you expect it to be easy. This is no different than what professional animators have to do when they create movies such as Cars, Up, Wreck-it Ralph, Hop, etc.

As a suggestion, watch the official Valve SFM tutorials. here... Start at video 0 and work your way to video 13.3.

Get a program that allows you to download them and save them to your harddrive. Then you can watch them and you can load the files for each tutorial and work along with the tut at your own pace.

The files for the tuts are on your harddrive ane are located here... C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\tf_movies\elements\sessions\tutorials
After U know the basics, U should watch advance tutorials from Youtube channel such as Jimer Lins, Zachariah Scott and others.
Yup, and I have a few on my channel as well, but I think you should stick to the basics to begin, then branch off to see what others are doing with the tool and how to do it.
surprisingly ez imo. making 3d objects move by marking positions with keys along a timeline is very basic stuff... it's exactly the same concept as many other software going back 20 years now. So once you understand how to do that, learning every other in & out to this specific program is a simple matter of watching the necessary Jimmer Lins video to find out how to do whatever it is you want to do.

the only hard part for me is keeping calm my inner elation that Valve would release & support a free program like this to an already vibrant, active community. to me it's one of the most amazing things ever witnessed on the internet because all you need is a computer and a little help from some friends and you can achieve or maybe even surpass what would normally be taught to you at the collegiate level for thousands of dollars by boring professors that don't really care about you. it's an amazing gift of knowledge & power that only requires some free time and a cup of coffee(unless you're enrolled in the college of zachariah scott, in which case copious amounts of alcohol).
Disney's 12 basics of animation are also great for learning the basics of animation in general also, their worth looking up
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5 yorumdan 1 ile 5 arası gösteriliyor
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