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When should SFM fully work again?
I had a few projects in mind but can't really do anything I'm wanting with sfm as it currently is
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??? WYSIWYG... (What You See Is Whay You Get) SFM is working to its full potential now for its current state in the Beta process. No one knows if more is going to be added to it or when it will come out of Beta mode. You either have to find a work around for what you are trying to accomplish or look for/write scripts to make it do what you want. (Examples of this are the SFMPhys and various Rig scripts that have been written.)
The latest update broke it
In example, the first day from the latest update made it difficult to actually access SFM(you had to go through the sdk instead of through the actual sfm)
And now, you can get in like usual, but the hwm models are not accessible
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What do you mean you can't access the HWM models, there just fine. Just make sure your browser is set to default setting then type HWM in the filter
I'll try again, but I'm not the only one that has had this issue from the latest update
Well it works again, that is good
Tomorrow I can finally start working up my next episode!
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