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[CCG] Gmod4ever 9. maj 2013 kl. 20:42
New models' eyes not working in the SFM (NOT a "flexcontroller eyes" issue!)
I'll let this infographic explain the issue.

In summary: eyes work fine in the model viewer, do not work at all in the SFM. This is NOT A FLEXCONTROLLER EYES ISSUE! I have ported 30+ models to having work eyes in the Source Filmmaker, and this is NOT an issue related to that.

If anyone wants the source files to fiddle with the model themselves, don't hesitate to ask me.

It is also worth noting this is NOT the first time I had this problem. I had it a few months ago, and it lasted for about a month. During that time ANY model I compiled under ANY engine (TF2, Ep2, CSS, Ep1, SFM) had this eye problem. Then one day it just quit and I could compile models fine.

This started happening again yesterday.
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Pte Jack 10. maj 2013 kl. 1:06 
Try this... I haven't tested it yet, but worth a look...
Howl 25. feb kl. 16:06 
This wasn't answered but I'll go ahead and bump it: You need a mouth controller in the QC. Doesn't matter where or what origin the controller refers to.
Pte Jack 25. feb kl. 16:18 
Why would you bump a 5 year old discussion and not explain your problem or why you're bumping it...

Sidst redigeret af Pte Jack; 25. feb kl. 16:19
I didn't even remembering making this. Well, for posterity's sake, the answer is you have to have an attachment other than "eyes". Doesn't matter what the attachment is, or where it is. It just has to exist. Two attachments at least, one being "eyes", the other being literally anything else. "mouth" and "forward" are common names for this other attachment.
Howl 25. feb kl. 20:07 
Jack I was providing a proper answer to the issue. If you can't be constructive don't respond.
surfer171 25. feb kl. 20:20 
Oprindeligt skrevet af Howl - 10 Years:
Jack I was providing a proper answer to the issue. If you can't be constructive don't respond.
Jack is trying to tell you how much you’ve necro a dead thread that like 5 years ago. It was your fault for not reading the date of the thread created.

Also, it is considered rude to necro a dead thread cause there might be newer thread that are worth to be up and that the OP might prefer the thread to simply be rest to peace
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