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Problem Detecting New Directory // Wanting To Keep Files Seperate
Hello, I was setting up multiple skinned models earlier, and I ran into a problem. I wanted to use the updated femme pyro 2.1 which has been updated to work with Halloween skins. Everything was going fine until I had gotten to this model which after sometime I found that even though I had been changing the model path if the model was a Post-Halloween model that it became dependent on the player\<MODEL>.mdl otherwise I would receive an Vertex Error Checksum it looks like : "Error Vertex File for 'player/pyro.mdl' checksum -1733743334 should be -1239952843". (if I'm wrong here sorry this is my best understanding of it)

So , if I were to use the female player\pyro.mdl then all the male skins would break with the same error unless I were to use a Pre-Halloween model , but I'd like to not do this . I then tried creating a new folder with just the models & materials of the femme pyro and updating gameinfo.txt with the line:

Game femmepyro
but letting it filter everything that should be in that mod. Nothing is found.

The SFM model selector does see femmepyro as a mod filter; however nothing in the folder is picked up. Did I skip over something ? I'd like to keep the files out of "tf" "tf_movies" and "usermod" .

Interesting this model does not have this problem on TF2 using it as a server mod for player model replacements.
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If it shares the filename with the base pyro (player/pyro.mdl), then it will always conflict with it, regardless of if you create a new mod folder or not. The only way to have them both at once is to recompile your model under a different filename.

As for the mod folder appearing empty, that's got to be because you made "femmepyro" have a lower priority than "tf" in gameinfo.txt (i.e. put it lower in the list). And as I said, files with the same filepath and name can't be loaded at once in SFM, so it only loads the model/player/pyro.mdl file that's in "tf".
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