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It Looks Like the .GCF File Format is Dying - An Informational Post
For those of you who have been viewing my Tutorials, Thanks..
I can't believe that the channel has almost 8000 hits on it in just 4 months.

But that is not the reason for this INFORMATIONAL Post. (And it looks like I'm going to have to redo 45-50% of the tuts because of this development.)

Anyway, I just want to inform you (in case you haven't already noticed) that is looks like the GCF file (that's Game Cache File) is going the way of the WAD file (or the Dodo). They are becoming exitinct.

It appears that Valve is converting most of its game delivery systems to VPK format. Check it out by looking for the TF2 Game Cache Files (GCF) under you Steam\Steamapps folder. You won't find them there anymore. They are now located in the Steam\Steamapps\Common folder in a Team Fortress 2 folder. Inside that folder there is another called TF, this is where you'll find the VPK cache files. Fear not, for those of you who frequently pull assets from the old GCF, the VPK files are still accessible using Nem's Tool GCFScape as long as you have updated to version 1.8.4 (as of the date of this post)

I am now finding that most of my other Valve games are looking for reinstalls, so I suspect that they are being converted to VPK cache files as well.

So, for those of you who follow my video tuts, when I refer you to a GCF file in steamapps, you may have to start looking for a folder with the game name in the common folder and search for VPK files instead.

That's technological advancement for you...

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Thanks for the info, lad
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