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Importing Custom Models, Checkered Texture Error
I'm in the works of making a TF2 Workshop item, so naturally I'm trying to use SFM to get a good render. After hitting my head against the wall for about 2 days, I've managed to make the model visible, but the texture is the purple/black checkered error texture. I've put both the model and material files in their respective spots, but still no solution :l

I've spawned the item in, and this is the error that pops up in console at start:
Model file 'workshop/player/items/all_class/Name/Name_spy.mdl' and associated vtx files are out of date

workshop/player/items/all_class/Name/Name_spy.mdl : material "models/workshop/player/items/all_class/Name/models/workshop/player/items/all_class/Name/Name" not found.

workshop/player/items/all_class/Name/Name_spy.mdl : material "models/workshop/player/items/all_class/Name/Name" not found.
I've double check all the directories, and I even compiled a new set and still got the same error. I also want to make it clear that I'm not importing from Gmod or the Workshop or anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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R234 21 oct., 2013 @ 12:29 
The first error message about the VTXs being out of date is normal, you needn't worry about that one.

As for the other two, it would seem your model attemps and fails to load two materials named name.vmt, one in models/workshop/player/items/all_class/Name/models/workshop/player/items/all_class/Name/, and one in models/workshop/player/items/all_class/Name/, which is an odd placement, but whatever. Are you sure they are present in these very folder structures?
Yeah, I just double checked them once more and all the files are there. I think its helpful to say that I have 3 files in each, Name.vmt, Name_color.vtf, and Name_illum.vtf (name of course being the item's name. What I'm confused is why there's the double strcuture going into the same folders again. It was like that originally when it imported into SFM, which is why I decided to try putting in the folders it requested.
Hm, this is rather odd. After a few more hours of making a wider hole in my wall, I decided to start putting it in other folders. Although this was an all-class hat, I decided to put this spy-specific version in the TF folders under models/workshop/player/items/spy/Name, but kept the materials in models/workshop/player/items/all_class/Name. The funny part is that the texture finally decided to work! Not sure why, but I'm going with it for future reference. I'll make a follow up if this is just one case or if it works with the rest of the other classes's hats...
R234 21 oct., 2013 @ 15:24 
That's... odd alright. Well, if it worked... that's that I guess ;)
Pte Jack 21 oct., 2013 @ 15:50 
The paths to the TF2 Community Workshop items (the ones that will eventually make into the SFM cache files) are C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\tf\materials\models\workshop\player\items and C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\tf\models\workshop\player\items

If you install to usermod instead, then sub /tf/ with /usermod/
Woot I officially figured it out. I tried getting the other ones to work as well, however they kept showing up as invisible. That's when it hit me that I had the 'model' files in both the spy and all-class folders. Now all of the versions are showing up without a problem :D Thanks for clearing up the problems with the directory btw Pte.
Pte Jack 21 oct., 2013 @ 18:58 
if a model shows up in the model browser but is invisible, first, try to spawn it in SFM, sometimes they just don't show up in the browser. If it spawns and is invisible, then the model is a level too high or too low in the file hierarchy. If it spawns and the materials are checkerboarded, then the materials are a level too high or too low.
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