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Odd Glitch - Camera Shaking About
I've recently been trying to create something worthwhile on SFM, but I've encountered a camera glitch with the potential to screw over all of my work.
After I've gone into the shot and animated a prop using rigs (I have yet to test if the same happens without rigs) I go back to the camera's view and, when I play back my work, the camera appears to be wobbling around, sort of like the shake feature in replays. I check the camera's graph editor and there's no accidental keys or movements to be seen. I can't tell whether or not it has any coordination with the specific ragdoll movements. Note: THIS NEVER HAPPENS WITH SHOTS W/OUT CUSTOM ANIMATION.
For an example of what I mean, watch this:
In the parts with the Heavy and Pyro, the camera is shaking for no reason.
Anyone have any idea what's up? I have a few dozen hours of playtime, so I'm no professional.
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raptornx01 20. Okt. 2013 um 9:56 Uhr 
When you animated the camera did you use keys in the graph editor, or did you use the motion editor?

and the camera was never locked to anything right?

it looks like common overcorrect issues in the GE. you may just need to adjust the curves individually.

and it actually doesn't look that bad. maybe smooth out the first bit with the heavy, but thats it. (my personal opinion though)
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