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How do i paint the Dr's Dapper topper?
I've seen tutorials on how to paint hats but for some reason i cant paint the Dapper topper. Whenever i try with that hat proxy, it just turns slightly brighter.And othe rmethods like a script i found on Sfmbox didnt work either. I wanna paint it Australium Gold. Can anyone help me?
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There are a bunch of us struggling to find the anwer to this question. It is one of those hats that do not respond to any of the methods that we have tried.
I can color the hat, but the method I found will get you a solid color, not striped.

RC the hat and select add override materials. then RC again and show in element viewer -> model. in the eleview at the bottom you will see "materials" expand it and you will see "dappertopper" and "dappertopper_blue" (these are the two skins)


RC on one of them (the first is the red skin ofcourse).
select "add attribute"
select float
type "$basetexture" (this will turn it all one color, either blue or red)
select add attribute again
select color
Type "$colortint_base" (this decides the base color. turn it white for best results)
again select add attribute and color
type "$color"
select your color.

remember to type the stuff in without the "s

you CAN add $color without basetexture. and it will color just the stripes (basically). but all you can do is make it darker. though if you do this on the blue skin you can get a nice shade of green by coloring it yellow. XD
yea....well i want it to be striped..
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