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Making an SFM Webcomic, help is needed
I'm not entirely sure if it's been done before, but I have the intent of making a webcomic entirely from SFM, with some editing via photoshop or something of the ilk. Namely for blood, rain effects and wounds. I have a few people that can help me do this editing. However, there are still a few requirements that are posing to be problems.

Namely, this is maps, and models. Some models I will be able to substitute from things like Skyrim, Age of Chivalry, and various downloaded items and the like. However, there are many things that I will need custom or modified models for, especially maps. Finding decent medieval maps is a bit of a pain, as they're in short supply, and any that worked from come out disfigured and unusable in SFM.

Anyone who is willing to help will be credited for this comic. As far as I can tell for now, no one will be receiving payment for this comic. It will remain such unless physical copies are sold, merchandise is made, etc, which I would not keep my hopes up for.

Obviously, this webcomic will be in a medieval period, the storyline and basis of which will be kept secret until I feel the first parts are ready for release. For now, it's just testing/beta stages. Anyone who is willing to help should consider this a simple exercise in their abilities to make maps and models for SFM.

Any help is appreciated, whether it be a single model or long term partnership.
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Hey, I'm a bit of a newbie to SFM, but, I'd LOVE to help in any way I can :3
I'll start working on some custom models, if you can give to what you're lookin' for :3
Don't be worried about that, I am too. :P Though I've been posing in Gmod for quite a while. The basis of what I'm looking for is medieval barbarian. Mostly leather or fur armor. Race is not restricted to human. Anthro's, orcs, elves, etc.
♥♥♥♥, I HATE anything fur -.-'
I had to completely redo my account, FYI, so, if you'll noticed SFM isn't even ON my system yet...
I'm glad you included that it could be other races, as, that'll help add a bit of variety, and will not restrict base models to simply humans.
Glad for it. There doesn't have to be a lot of fur, and you can use some textures you get elsewhere if you prefer. I don't need anything really extravagent. As mentioned before, simply consider it a test of your modeling abilities.
:D I appreciate how I don't have to make a fur/hide vest...or...whatever XD
I'm considering maybe trying to just do a human skin for now, like you said, "nothing extravigant" so maybe I'll try to do an elf or wood sprite, etc...
Btw, I'll tell my friends about this :3
Thank you very much! Getting the word out about this will help get the ball rolling. Other modders, texture makers/modifiers, or even better, a mapper, would be amazing.

And yeah, we don't need anything specific just yet. I'll make a few beta pages of the comic, have effects added to it, and see how it turns out.
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is a terrific game for medieval assets. The maps need to be recompiled for SFM but it's a very easy process and I've had no problems doing it so far.
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I'm not exactly sure how to recompile and all of that, but the information is still handy to have! I'll certainly keep that in mind when I'm running low on stock objects. Right now I'm just trying to get the assets for various maps I downloaded, but it's proving to be.. troublesome.
Recompiling maps for SFM is very easy:

1) Download bspsource:
2) Using bspsource, de-compile the maps you want, it will turn the .bsp map files into .vmf hammer editor files.
3) Load the .vmf file into the SFM version of hammer (Steam\SteamApps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\bin\hammer.exe)
4) Now select, File->Run Map, the Run Map dialogue will come up after a couple of seconds. Make sure every option is set to 'Normal' and the HDR checkbox is ticked, like this:
5) Hit OK and if everything goes well the map will compile and the new version will pop up in your usermod folder.

Note that before you can do this you need to have the dark messiah assets (models and materials) loaded in your SFM installation.
Oh, that's actually quite helpful. The only problem would be getting Might and Magic's maps and such in the first place. As well as Dark Messiah assets.

Beyond that, I've been having a related issue. I'm trying to manually load assets and items from games into SFM, but for some reason all the vpk's in the game files are empty when I open them in GFCScope.
SCROTUMS...I mean...
Anyway, Guy, I have EXCELANTE news :D
I found a REALLY helpful Hammer Editor guide (Ik the basics, but I'm going back over 'em)
And the even BETTUH news is that I think I'll be able to make some maps for you :)
Luv u babeh ;3
Doctor, I think we're going to be working together quite a lot. I'm VERY glad to hear that. It's frustrating as hell to find the assets needed for the maps I find on SFMbox and the like. I'll be looking up tutorials and such so I can actually get the stuff that I need.

And I don't know why you corrected yourself. SCROTUMS explained it all perfectly.
Sounds interesting. When do I start?
I am an avid gamming person who happens to have a degree in gaming.
I also happen to have a full studio's worth of tools at my disposal. :)
I have tons of motion capture and I can transfer animations from one character to another, even if the bones are different.
Contact me if interested in model creation/animation/rigging.
I have not dived into mapping for SFM just yet.
Wonderful! This is obviously going to be a still comic, so I'm afraid animation won't be of much use, but model creation and rigging will be incredibly useful. Mapping would be handy, but I'm sure I can find plenty of maps to use if I could just get the resources I need into SFM.

Anyway, as mentioned model making will be extremely useful. Right now it would be very useful if I could get some custom weapons. Doctor is already working on a character model as I'm told, so weapons/armor would do wonderfully. I might be able to make a proper cover photo for the comic with the new content. I don't need anything terribly specific, save that the first few weapons be various kinds of axes. Just one would do for now, though two would be great for the cover photo.
I have an ax I modeled while in college (See youtube link below)
Here is a youtube of some of the models I have done in the past. It also has other work as it is an older video done back in my college days. I still need to update it. ;) The ax was modeled and textured using maya but I can get it into source np.
Let me know if this is close or if you need some designs dreamed up. :D

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